Physical And Social Problems Faced By Obese People

No one can resist the temptation of having or getting anything extra, can they? It is true for everything, unless, it is body weight. Having excessive body weight brings only complications, with no positive advantages. Here we list out some of the most common physical and social challenges faced by obese people, as stated by our patients undergoing weight loss surgery.

Physical Challenges Associated With Obesity

1. Immobility

The most challenging and embarrassing problem most obese individual face is the constricted degree of movement. It is extreme in the case of morbidly obese individuals, who might need help for doing even the routine chores.

2. Obesity-Associated Complications

Obesity does not come alone, it brings several other conditions as well. These include sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, respiratory illness, and many others. Once obesity gets clubbed with these complications, it is even more difficult to shed the extra body weight conventionally.

3. Tremendous Challenges In a Day-To-Day Basis

Even though an individual is obese and not yet suffering from any other severe consequences, they find hardships routinely due to their enormous body weight. Difficulty to find proper clothes, transportation and seating arrangement in public places are simply some of them. For most of them, these problems also give rise to other emotional and social challenges as well.

Speaking of which, let’s name a few social challenges associated with extra body weight.

Social Challenges Associated With Obesity

1. Body Shamming

Almost every obese individual have encountered some of the other embarrassing episodes of body shaming. Many a time, it happens in absence of the obese individual while often it is carried out in their presence itself.

2. Considered Being Lazy

It is not unusual to find people being sick, struggling to walk, move around, or climb stairs, due to several illnesses or accidental damage. However, when the reason for all these complications is simply excessive weight, they are criticized for being lazy and ignorant of their health.

3. Discrimination

Many obese individuals often denied job prospect or other social or personal encounter due to being obese. It leads to emotional trauma and turmoil.

These challenges are quite hard to live with. Thankfully, obesity can be resolved effectively with the help of weight loss surgery. At ILS Bariatric Care, we offer laparoscopic obesity surgery for the people who are struggling with challenges every day. Consult today to live a healthier life ahead.