Suffering From Diabesity – Overcome Both With Weight Loss Surgery

If you are suffering from obesity, you are likely to have high blood sugar too. Sadly, the vice versa is a quite possible scenario as well. Obesity brings many complications if left untreated for a long time. These include complications such as sleep apnea, joint pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many more. However, out of these, the association between obesity and diabetes is the most common and severe. As per bariatric surgeons, this condition is termed as diabesity. Let’s understand how severe is diabesity and how it can be treated with weight loss surgery.

What is diabesity?

As already mentioned obesity has a strong association with diabetes, particularly type 2. Diabesity is a simple interpretation of Diabetes + Obesity. Diabesity is a condition in which a person suffers from both these metabolic conditions. Either a person becomes obese first and acquires diabetes later or they are diabetic first and become obese eventually. Either way, once someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it is very challenging to reverse or resolve either one or both of these conditions.

How severe is diabesity?

Both diabetes and obesity are becoming a global health epidemic. In India itself, one in every 5 Indian is either obese or overweight. Moreover, every Indian family has at least one member suffering from diabetes as well. Both these conditions have their own set of health consequences if left untreated for long, so imagine the complications when diabesity occurs. It includes the risks of multiple organs deterioration, blindness, limb paralysis, coronary artery disease, renal failure and more.

How does weight loss surgery help to treat them both?

You might be wondering if obesity surgery is the only way to treat diabetes or not. If you have a normal BMI range and have diabetes, you can manage it either through insulin slots, oral medicines or lifestyle change. Also, if you are a little bulky and have normal blood sugar profile, you can lose weight by dieting or exercise. But when you are dealing with diabesity, neither of these treatment approaches work well most of the time. The most feasible solution remains is to undergo weight loss surgery.

The weight loss surgery is carried out by making temporary or permanent changes in the digestive tract. So, it alters how the metabolic system works. As a result, not only it helps to attain weight loss, but also treats many associated complications, including diabetes.

ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit offers weight loss surgery for the people suffering from diabesity.