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Foods You Can Eat To Boost Your Immunity Without Increasing Your Weight

The whole world is experiencing something that no one has experienced before. While different parts of the world are dealing with coronavirus in their own ways, in India, we are experiencing a lockdown in the whole nation. One of the most important things doctors are saying is that to fight or prevent Covid-19 we all need strong immunity. Your immunity should be the strongest right now, even if you are sitting at home. We, at ILS Bariatric Care, a renowned bariatric surgery hospital in India, are going to offer some suggestions on what kind of foods you should eat to boost your immunity without increasing your weight. Vitamin C The first thing that should be in your list to boost your immunity is Vitamin C. It will increase the level of antibodies in your body that helps to fight bacteria, virus, or any other foreign cells. It will also help to differentiate the white blood cells which will provide you

Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make Post Bariatric Surgery

Both people suffering from obesity and people undergoing bariatric surgery are increasing in number every year. A lot of people have a general idea that once you opt for bariatric surgery, their obesity and the obesity-related problem will just disappear. But, obesity surgery is just the initial phase of losing weight. You need to take a lot of care after surgery and make some major changes in your lifestyle in order to make the surgery a success. Physically and psychologically, you will need to adjust a lot after the surgery. You will need to be cautious about everything that you do. You will be losing more weight for the next 3-6 months post-surgery. During that time, you may feel tired and weary a lot. The most important thing becomes your dietary guidelines. Whatever unhealthy foods you were eating, all will need to be removed from the diet. Since you will need to eat meals in small portions scheduling your eating

Obesity and Sleep Apnea

Obesity is classified when the BMI of the individual is above 30. For those who know less about it, the body mass index or BMI is the measurement of the body mass with respect to the height. Though in clinical evaluation, one’s gender, age, and level of fitness are also calculated. Obesity is termed as an illness as it brings several other medical complications along with it if left untreated for long. These illnesses include sleep apnea, hypertension, asthma, heart diseases, cholesterol, and respiratory diseases and more. Obesity can be effectively resolved through weight reduction surgery. Today we are going to discuss one such particular respiratory disease, namely Sleep Apnea and how it can be resolved. But let’s start by understanding them separately, a little. What is Obesity? Obesity is a metabolic disease in which the person begins accumulating too much fat, to a limit when it starts to interfere with everyday life and adversely affects health. Obesity – A

Diet Guidelines To Follow After Obesity Surgery

Obesity is quite challenging to resolve with conventional means such as dieting and exercise. Thankfully, with laparoscopic obesity surgery, it can be resolved for good. Even though obesity surgery is extremely effective it does have some guidelines attached to it. It is crucial to follow the diet guideline to ensure maximum effectiveness. Though the exact guidelines differ a little for each procedure, here we offer some useful insights regarding the diet after obesity surgery in general. Read more – Diet Guidelines To Follow Before The Obesity Surgery Start with an only liquid diet for a couple of days. It helps to keep the body hydrated and helps towards curbing hunger pangs. Include soups and juice in the diet plan. Eventually, include puree the body needs vegetables to meet the nutrients and mineral level. Include solid food gradually to the diet but make smarter food choices. Choose lean protein and leafy vegetables in ample amount. Sip some liquid or beverages in

A Brief Introduction To Dumping Syndrome

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery includes several types of procedures performed on people who have obesity. This is done by reducing the size of the stomach with a gastric band or through the removal of a portion of the stomach or by resecting and re-routing the small intestine to a small stomach pouch. Weight loss surgery is an effective one. It’s not a temporary solution to weight reduction rather a permanent one. However, there are some complications the patients have to go through after the surgery. One of them is dumping syndrome. So let’s know in details about this after surgery complication called dumping syndrome. You can get dumping syndrome after you have surgery to remove part or all of your stomach, or if you have stomach bypass surgery for weight loss. The problem occurs when food moves too quickly from your stomach into the first part of your small intestine after you eat. This causes symptoms like cramps

Why Obesity Among Youth is Crucial to Address on Time!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. As rightly said by Aristotle, the youth is the future of the nation. Their health and well being ensures a bright future for the nation ahead as well. But sadly, since the past couple of decades, the body weight of too many youths is taking control of their health and development. Moreover, as per statistical research of bariatric surgery in India, many youths are coming ahead, looking for a permanent cure for their prolong obesity. Obesity has many disadvantages for any individuals, but for youth, it is a nothing less than a major disadvantage. Particularly due to their career paths. In this competitive market, only good scorecards are not sufficient in order to bag one’s dream job. A youth these days must be physically active, mentally alert, willing to bend the office hours or parameters in order to secure and keep a decent job. Having obesity not only make them look

Is Your Fat Valentine Making You Fat as Well?

Love is in the air with Valentine’s day around the corner. While there are several positive aspects of having a loved one in life, their contributions, sometimes, can be seen on the waistline as well. Yes, it is often prevalent that having a fat/obese valentine, let it be your spouse, fiance or even a longtime girlfriend/boyfriend can make you look for XXL clothes as well. As a matter of fact, 6 out of 10 obese people that seek bariatric surgery have an over or at least an overweight spouse as well. Let’s try to understand the reasons behind the same. 1. Unhealthy lifestyle is contagious Let it be eating fast food together, or skipping the gym for a movie, unhealthy lifestyle is very tempting and highly contagious. Many times, even a health-conscious individual let loose on their routine self and gets influenced by their lazy loved ones. Ideally, the reverse scenario would help them both to stay fit and healthy,

7 New Year Resolution That Never Going to Work Out for Weight Loss

Another year has passed and you are still carrying those extra pounds around your waist from last year right! Many morbidly obese individuals have undergone laparoscopic obesity surgery in order to kick away obesity, while overweight individuals are trying hard to kick away extra fat. Are you looking for a fresh new year resolution for weight loss again? In order to make them work, get rid of the one that is unlikely to be any good and instead try out a better resolution. Here we present some of the resolutions you need to throw away and replace them with more effective ones. Resolution 1 I will definitely lose 25 pounds Make realistic goals that can be achieved effectively. Having some fascinating, unrealistic expectations. will demotivate you from your overall goal. Revised resolution – try to lose 1 pound per week/ 10 days. Resolution 2 I would avoid breakfast in order to cut off calories Breakfast is an important meal of the

Who is Liable for Childhood Obesity?

The headcount of obesity infected individuals is rising at an alarming rate in most of the nations in the world, including India. In fact, there is an uplift in the number of individual seeking obesity surgery in India. Moreover, the age group being infected is no longer restricted to the adult individuals solely. Truly the children are falling into the trap of obesity quite easily these days. But the main question arises, that Who’s responsible for the same? Let’s make one thing clear beforehand, that who is certainly not the responsible party, the children themselves, at least not at the early age. In fact, if statistically spoken, in about 70 percent of the noted childhood obesity cases, the child is found as the victim of the illness, rather than the responsible party. So let’s understand in details, who unintentionally contribute towards the same. The role of parents The children are like a blotting paper in their initial decade of their

Crucial Factor that Causing Blooming of Obesity

In India, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased drastically since the past few decades. However, despite the increasing number of healthcare facilities, the number of people seeking weight reduction surgery in India is comparatively low. The ignorance is one of the main causes of the same. Lack of awareness and lack of interest is the root of the same. There are two kinds of ignorance that create a hurdle in the path of an obese individual seeking weight reduction surgery for a better and healthy living. The ignorance towards the presence of the disease and the ignorance towards the available treatment for the same. Ignorance Towards Obesity Obesity is a very complex illness that acts as a breeding ground for several other obesity-related illnesses such as, sleep apnea, diabetes, joint pain, and many more illnesses. Many individuals spend years, even decades being overweight and obese. However, they fail to realize the severity of the same in time.