Causes of Obesity

Youth Obesity – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

The youth are the future of any country but many illnesses loom over the youth these days. Youth obesity is one such health condition that is affecting the future of the youth. You will be surprised to know that at least 2 out of 10 patients seeking weight reduction surgery in India are of the age 18 or younger. If you are a youth struggling with extra pounds or have children who are going through the same, you need to take necessary action on time, to address it. Thus, we present some most common causes of youth obesity along with its prevention and treatment, in brief. Causes and prevention of youth obesity The most common causes that contribute to youth obesity are as follow – Too much consumption of fast food and highly processed food items. Lack of adequate physical exercise. Too much engagement in electronic gadgets. Certain medical conditions like thyroid or hormonal replacement therapy. Genetic factors that lead

Pain Around Ankle Could be a Hidden Sign of Obesity

Are you feeling pain in knee or ankle lately, which won’t go away? Before ignoring it to be something naive, take a look back and evaluate whether it is a sign of obesity or not. About 7 in every 10 obese individuals who undergo obesity surgery confirmed that the initial signs of pain around joints of knee and ankle becomes prevalent while gaining weight. Let’s understand it in details, followed by how the obesity surgery corrects it. The entire weight of an individual is supported by skeleton structure. The joints of the lower body, particularly the knee and the ankle balances the overall weight. It is more than capable of handling the weight of the individual without any difficulties unless it injured or damaged due to some accident or illness. However, for an obese individual, certain things get complicated. The excessive weight accumulated by the individual starts bagging around the belly and waist, along with arm, things, chest, buttock etc.

Crucial Factor that Causing Blooming of Obesity

In India, the number of people suffering from obesity has increased drastically since the past few decades. However, despite the increasing number of healthcare facilities, the number of people seeking weight reduction surgery in India is comparatively low. The ignorance is one of the main causes of the same. Lack of awareness and lack of interest is the root of the same. There are two kinds of ignorance that create a hurdle in the path of an obese individual seeking weight reduction surgery for a better and healthy living. The ignorance towards the presence of the disease and the ignorance towards the available treatment for the same. Ignorance Towards Obesity Obesity is a very complex illness that acts as a breeding ground for several other obesity-related illnesses such as, sleep apnea, diabetes, joint pain, and many more illnesses. Many individuals spend years, even decades being overweight and obese. However, they fail to realize the severity of the same in time.