Laparoscopic obesity Surgery

The Benefits of Getting Quality Weight Loss Surgery in India

Obesity is one of the leading causes of various medical conditions. As a solution, many people seek for professional assistance from an obesity surgery doctor to shed extra pounds through a procedure popularly known as weight loss surgery. Today, there are numerous types of weight loss surgery and have been a famous option for those who want to get fast results when losing weight. There are numerous options available for treating obesity. Medical treatment options can include exercise and diet programs, behavioural therapy or medications. Unluckily, in a severely obese patient, such methods frequently don’t provide lasting or significant weight loss. A lot of studies have demonstrated that surgery offers the most effective and best treatment for severe obesity. Once you have undergone a weight loss surgery in India successfully, you will enjoy the following: Resolve or Improve Most Weight-Related Medical Issues Weight loss surgery in India can resolve or improve tons of weight related medical problems including high cholesterol,

Diabetes Treatment in Kolkata – Which Is Effective for You?

Diabetes is an illness or disease, which is the result of your body not producing the right amount of insulin. Insulin is a hormone that’s produced by the body that helps in turning sugars into energy. The diabetes symptoms are increased urination, increased thirst, weight loss, constant hunger, blurred vision, fatigue, and irritability. Before you start treatment for any illness or disease, you must see your physician so that you can be sure you’re treating the correct illness. There are also other tests that your physician will to make a diagnosis of diabetes. Types of Diabetes Treatment There are different types of diabetes treatments such as surgery, insulin treatments, medicines, lifestyle changes, and alternative treatments. The most vital diabetes treatment Kolkata will be changes in your lifestyle like exercising and eating healthy. Changes in your lifestyle should be compatible with some diabetes treatments to get most of the benefit from the treatments. If your physician recommends medications for diabetes treatment

An Insight into Childhood Obesity Surgery in India

Childhood Obesity is an untouched issue in India. The term ‘Childhood Obesity’ defines a status of a child who is obese and is likely to be affected by health crisis which accompanies obesity. As per statistics, the rate of Childhood Obesity has tripled in the last three decades. The scenario is alarming for sure and needs the foremost attention of the parents. It has often been witnessed that parents forget the hazards of over feeding their children. The traditional mind believes that the children should not feel hungry at any point of time. Hence, before the previously consumed food is completely digested, the parents tend to feed their child once more. This accelerates the process of fat accumulation in the body and creates a perfect condition for obesity to develop in children. According to researchers, about 50% of children who are obese in their childhood will grow up with the disorder. In other words, an obese child will grow up

The 3-Step guide to Obesity Surgery in India

Development in India has been taking place at a rapid pace and so is the rate of obesity. As per statistics, the rate of Obesity among Indians has tripled in the last three decades. The situation does appear alarming when one thinks about the probable outcome in future. However, there is one thing that can make a difference for patients who are obese- Obesity Surgery in India. When it comes to the term ‘Surgery’ people often get scared by the name and think that something may go horribly wrong with them. Nevertheless, science and technology has helped the surgeons to develop an extremely safe procedure of surgery which is painless as well as scarless. As a patient, one can easily walk into an Obesity Clinic and learn about the various possibilities to lose weight with/ without Obesity Surgery. To make things easier for the patients, here is a 3-step guide for them- Step 1- Enquire The first thing that a

Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery in India- A Game Changer!

The problem of Obesity among the people of India has skyrocketed ever since fast food industry started its aggressive campaigning in India. As a result of fast food consumption, the chances of acquiring obesity among Indians have increased by almost by 80%. Under such circumstance, the aid of Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery has come as a boon. What is Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery? The term Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery defines a medical procedure where a patient is operated with the aid of a camera and medical equipment. The process emits no pain and supports faster recovery along with offering accurate results. In 1990, the first glimpse of Laparoscopic Surgery was seen in India through the contribution of Prof. TE Udwadia and since then, the realm of surgery has taken a dramatic change. Am I Eligible for Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery? Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery is done on patients whose BMI is greater than 24.9. If your BMI is greater than the aforesaid, then you

Looking for an Obesity Surgery Doctor? Here is all that you need to know!

Over the years, obesity has increased at a rapid pace in India. With the introduction of fast food the number of people under the category of obese has skyrocketed. Witnessing the serious health hazards of Obesity, the people of India are looking forward to finding an encompassing health solution to this disorder. Thought activities like exercise and diet control are common measures that people follow to stay fit, it is the opinion of the Obesity Surgery Doctor that matters the most. Where can I find a good Obesity Surgery Doctor? India is one of the most medically advanced countries in the world. The medical sector has been booming over the past years and so is the involvement of Obesity Surgery Doctors. There are numerous health care units across cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, etc., where dedicated institutes help people to fight obesity. A patient can easily find a reliable Obesity Surgery Doctor by following a three-step check. In the first

The Development of Obesity Surgery in India

With advancement in the realm of medical science, a patient can nowadays expect a hassle-free treatment procedure which is painless as well as scarless. During the phase of 1970s, Obesity Surgery was lifesaving, but it did add a hideous scar on the patient’s belly due to the followed process. Open surgery resulted in a lot of pain and left behind an ugly scar which patients had to take care of throughout their life. Then came the remarkable development of Laparoscopic Surgery, where the patients got operated without having any pain or scar! Do surgeons offer Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery in India? In India, Laparoscopic surgery made its debut in the year 1990. Ever since, surgeons have continued to perform the same with precision and confidence. Today, Laparoscopic surgery has become the prime preference of every patient. After all, we all want to avoid the pain and scars which is associated with surgery. Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery in India has transformed thousands of

The Changing Phase of Obesity Treatment in India

The concept of Obesity Treatment in India has been a misnomer for many. Over the years, people have been informed that Obesity treatment is just about a medical procedure where surgeons operate on patients and then the patients enjoy a normal life. However, when one gives this concept a precise thought, the whole explanation looks more like a fairy tale. In reality, the concept of Obesity Treatment in India is much different. It is not only about undergoing a surgery, but is also about commitment and achieving time-specific goals. The process of weight Loss program begins when a patient agrees to undergo a surgery and starts to work on attaining the required fitness for the surgery. This includes making a shift in the diet, losing weight naturally and remaining dedicated towards the plan of action as prescribed by the surgeon. Once the desired level is achieved by the patient, the surgeon requests the patient to get ready for the surgery.