How Does Obesity Affects A Person Psychologically

There are many ways a person is affected by obesity, one of them being psychological. It can include self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. Obese or overweight people are many a time looked down upon. It’s easy to feel bad about yourself, to become depressed or anxious when society is made to believe that being obese is wholly undesirable. People go to huge lengths to make themselves socially acceptable. Yoga, exercise, healthy diet can play an effective role in a person’s life for reducing weight but when these fails to work, people tend to go for treatments like weight loss surgery. This method can be very effective when severe obesity affect a person a lot both physically and psychologically. Less Energy, Less Joy Overweight people tend to have less energy than others. It takes them more effort than others to be active. They tend to lead low-activity lifestyles and become sedentary. An unfortunate circle develops

Finding Stretch Marks On Your Belly Recently? Know What Might Be The Cause

One day you take a good look at your self-proclaimed ‘not-so-bad-shaped’ body in the mirror. The curves and flaps look the same, but wait, isn’t that a stretch mark right across the belly? It looks like an injury, but it isn’t. Stretch marks are stripe-like things on the skin, predominantly on the abdomen that arises due to persistent tension on the skin. It is most prevalent among women during and after pregnancy and also among overweight and obese individuals. It is often harmless in nature, but it should be addressed with more caution. It is a secret sign from your body that it is accumulating more weight than it can handle. In fact, most of the people who seek fat loss surgery later in their life started their journey of plus size with several noticeable stretch marks on their body. The stretch marks, at first, appears as the first sign of the accumulation of too much belly fat. They appear

Medical Treatment Is Important For Obese Individuals

Self-treatment is a very common practice in many parts of India. Let it be a simple case of a sore throat or viral fever, several individuals believe in trying out homemade remedies at first. Needless to say, they seek treatment after things go wrong. Practicing something like this for severe health conditions can not only be fruitless but also potentially harmful. Obesity is one such health issue that should never be meddled with home remedies and illogical solutions. Obesity is a medical condition that leads to an excessive weight gain of an individual. The long-term high consumption of calorie, fatty food with little to no physical exercise leads to obesity. People often adopt unhealthy lifestyle and mumbo-jumbo diet chart in hope of losing weight in a short-term period. These unscientific approaches often include strict dieting, vigorous exercise, consumption of several food items in high quantity etc. Even if it may work sometimes for slightly overweight people, but for obese people

Health Complications Associated With a Pear-Shaped Obese Person

We have already discussed the difference between pear and apple shaped obese body. Both these body types are due to obesity and thus, it is an alarming sign to have either of them. However, the majority number of patients with an imminent need for bariatric surgery has been found to have a pear-shaped body. Let’s have a look at the medical complications associated with a pear-shaped body. 1. Metabolic Syndrome It refers to a group of a condition, related to the metabolism of an individual, which, in the case gets out of limit, can lead to several other complications. The metabolic conditions are mostly related to abdominal obesity such as a high profile of fat content, blood sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol. The conditions it gives rise to, in future are type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases, stroke etc. Even though the chances of the above-mentioned disease are prevented among other obese patients as well, their chances are maximum

Pain Around The Heel – A Hidden Sign of Obesity

Obesity is a medical condition in which an individual often accumulates an excessive amount of fat in their body. It becomes a medical threat when it acts as a breeding ground for many other associated complications. Even though many patients undergoing obesity surgery, claims to gain weight rapidly, within a very short period of time, often it is due to the fact that they ignore hidden signs of obesity. Let’s discuss in details, one such hidden symptom of overweight and often the imminent obesity. It is the constant pain around the heel. The body comprises a skeletal system. It is a network of bones, and joints of bones and muscle, which provide stability to the posture and body weight. With time, the pressure on these joints increases as the body weight does. Under normal conditions, the joints endure and support the body weight quite efficiently. However, in case the person keep accumulating excessive body weight, things change drastically. The joints

The Alarming Case of Rising Childhood Obesity Among Teens

Teenage is a very special phase in an individual’s life. On one hand, they bid goodbye to the innocence and comfort of childhood and on the other hand, they try to embrace the aspect of adulthood. In between adjusting to a peers group, teenagers often fall into the trap of several complications. Being overweight or obese is one of the major threats that the teenagers are facing these days. It can be confirmed by the increasing number of teenagers being recommended to undergo bariatric surgery. Let’s understand it in details the reasons for a teenager to become obese these days. Food and diet habit is the main keys that build the body. Until teenage, it is often feasible for parents to influence or sometimes even force the children to make healthier food choices. It no longer holds after the children cross the age of adolescence. Their new source of almost every choice becomes their peers and social circle. Their food habit

Is Take Away Food Making You Fat Indirectly

How many times have you had an unplanned, late night meal in front of TV or cell phone, just because you paid for the full plate at a restaurant, but couldn’t have? So you brought the rest of it for eating at home? More than you can count right now, right? Though it might look like a good idea, in reality, it is secretly pushing you towards obesity, which often ends up being so complicated, that it needs bariatric surgery to correct it. Let’s understand in details how this happens. The lining of the stomach send the signals through the hormones leptin and ghrelin. The prior hormone sends the signal of hunger to the brain when the stomach is almost empty. The brain then indicates the body to consume food. While eating the food, it begins to store the food and the other hormone ghrelin send a signal to the brain indicating it is full. Thus the individual feels state

How Asthma Can Lead You Towards Obesity

Obesity is becoming a threat for all over the world. Though most people can avoid this by adopting a healthy lifestyle consisting a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, it is often very unfeasible to carry out. Ultimately they have to seek help in form of weight loss surgery. It is particularly true for people suffering from asthma Asthma is a medical condition in which the air passage of the individual gets blocked and initiate an episode of breathlessness and a possible spasm. The frequency of these episodes can range between few times a week to few times a day. We all are familiar that being overweight or obese enhances the risks of asthma, but in reality, asthma can also give rise to obesity. Let’s understand the correlation between these two. Eating food is okay as long as you spend enough time, burning it up so that it does not store up in the body as fat. The same does

Obese Vs. Overweight- Where Does the Thin Line Lies

Several terms are closely associated with one another and often creates confusion. When it comes to body weight, these would be obesity and overweight. A startling statement, “One in every five Indians is either obese or overweight” scares almost every Indian. Several people actually consider these two as interchangeable terms. In reality, these are somewhat similar, yet very different things. For instance, in order to undergo obesity surgery in India, an individual must have a BMI for obesity and not simply overweight. So, how exactly these two fancy terms are similar or different than one another. Let’s understand in details- Once an individual falls in the range of overweight, he should be extra cautious regarding his diet. Failed to do so, will result in upgrading his body weight status to the class ‘obese’. It is very difficult to get rid of obesity on its own. Thankfully, the obesity surgery in India can help to address the problem.

How Does Home Delivery System Making Us Obese?

When the receptionist over the phone says the home delivery would take just INR 50-100 more, it does sound like a lucrative offers, doesn’t it? If we compare the fare it would cost us to travel all the way around and back to our place would be almost double and the time of course. But it is really that good or it cost something from us as well? The answer is, it is indirectly making us obese. Let’s see how that happens. It is actually good for once in a while, but obesity surgery doctor alerts that if we keep practicing this every time, we want some food from restaurants or groceries, it is a big problem. Several food joints and supermarkets are offering home delivery with very little charge or even free or cost. They do this to gain more and more customer, but availing services make us gain more and more weight over time. In other words, they