Obesity Surgeon

Diet Guidelines To Follow Before The Obesity Surgery

The prevalence of obesity is all around the globe across people of all ages. Thankfully the availability of obesity surgery is helpful in this regard. The effectiveness of this procedure depends on the condition of a patient, the expertise of the obesity surgeon, amount of weight loss to attain and the patient’s commitment towards doctor’s suggestion before and after the obesity surgery. There are several types of weight loss surgery, but today we will offer some guidelines to follow before any such procedure. Weight loss surgery is an elective procedure, which gives the patient, an ample amount of time to prepare everything in advance. The pre-surgery diet starts about 2 weeks prior to the date of surgery. It consists of some common guidelines. Including protein supplement to keep the nutrient level in the body. It is crucial as the pre-surgery diet will include food of exceptionally low calorific value. Limit highly processed food and sugar-containing food. Reducing the consumption of

6 Weight Loss Resolution For 2019

Another year has passed and we congrats you if you made it to ‘attain your weight loss’ plan during last year. However, if you haven’t and instead fall into the traps of lucrative jumbo meals and now struggling with the extra pounds, this new year is yet another chance for you to get rid of obesity. Here, we offer some tips offered by obesity surgeons to make that weight loss resolution work this year. So, let’s begin the countdown. 1. Drink Before Eat Drinking water is beneficial for overall health, but having a glassful of water about 30 minutes before a meal helps to control overeating. It helps to keep extra calories and extra pounds at bay. Lukewarm water works the best, but water at room temperature works as well. 2. Drink Green Tea Green tea can cut calories and it is not a myth. Replace your milk and sugar loaded morning bed tea or coffee with a cup of

Why Obesity Among Youth is Crucial to Address on Time!

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”. As rightly said by Aristotle, the youth is the future of the nation. Their health and well being ensures a bright future for the nation ahead as well. But sadly, since the past couple of decades, the body weight of too many youths is taking control of their health and development. Moreover, as per statistical research of bariatric surgery in India, many youths are coming ahead, looking for a permanent cure for their prolong obesity. Obesity has many disadvantages for any individuals, but for youth, it is a nothing less than a major disadvantage. Particularly due to their career paths. In this competitive market, only good scorecards are not sufficient in order to bag one’s dream job. A youth these days must be physically active, mentally alert, willing to bend the office hours or parameters in order to secure and keep a decent job. Having obesity not only make them look