Obesity Treatment

How Obesity Surgery Can Help You Get Relieve From Excess Weight & Associated Joint Pain

Obesity has many associated complications and joint pain is one of them. Though lots of people, particularly the ones aging above 50-60 years often complain about having joint pain, it onsets much earlier for obese individuals. Let’s find out how obesity causes joint pain along with its treatment, in the form of obesity surgery. How Obesity can Lead to Joint Pain? The human body is a complex structure in which the skeletal system is designed in such a manner that it can hold the body weight properly and maintain proper position. Under normal condition, the skeletal system does not get burden with bodyweight, unless it is due to some medical condition, accidental injury or the natural degradation of bones due to aging. But things change when you are including obesity into the picture. Obesity is a medical condition, in which an individual accumulates excessive body weight. This extra body weight exerts additional pressure on the bone structure. It is most

Intermittent Fasting – Why It Is A Bad Idea For Weight Loss Goal

Obesity is a global threat that is looming over the entire world in recent time. According to bariatric surgeons, mindless eating and overconsumption of fast food is the main reason for the same, which often is also accompanied by the lack of adequate exercise. To deal with obesity, many individual try out various dieting plan and remedies, without understanding its viability and side effects. Intermittent fasting is considered as one such presumed technique that can help with weight loss. Today, we will discuss what is it and why it is bad for health, along with an effective way to resolve obesity. What Is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for an eating pattern. Fasting in these cases does not imply that the person will not consume food at all, but they will simply control how much they eat and when. This fasting regime consists of some fast days and some cheat/feast days. On the fast days, the person

Obesity – Is It A Lifestyle Disease?

For so many people, having a smartphone with an internet connection is more than a necessity these days, it is a lifestyle update. So, is having dinner at a restaurant instead of eating home-cooked food or ordering fast food quite frequently. Amidst these everyday choices, gaining weight becomes inevitable. Statistically, as per obesity surgeons of India, 1 in every 5 Indian is either overweight or obese. Let’s evaluate in details if obesity can be termed as a lifestyle disease. Can Obesity Be Called As A Disease? Before classifying it into a category, it is crucial to understand, what obesity is! Obesity is a medical condition in which the individual acquires extra body weight, which makes them medically unfit and unhealthy. It might come as a surprising fact, but obesity qualifies every condition, to be treated as a disease. It adversely affects the quality of life, both physically and mentally. Moreover, it leads to several other associated illnesses such as heart

Factors Causing Double Chin: An Early Sign of Obesity

A considerably huge proportion of individual leads a life of imminent obesity but fails to realize the same in time. Having a double chin is one of such conditions. Many individuals have this early sign of obesity without realizing the possible imminent effects of it. Thereby, the number of individuals availing the obesity treatment for the same in India is significantly lower than it should ideally be. The chin is the outer, lower jaw of the human body. It moves up and down in order to aid mastication and thus invites the first stage of digestion. When a person begins to accumulate too much fat around the neck, it gives an appearance of the second layer of a chin, thus giving the term, ‘double chin’. Understanding the causal factors plays a crucial role to get rid of it. So, let’s understand it in details, the factors that give rise to the double chin in the first place. Weight – Being

Why People Often Ignore the Signs of Obesity

Several individuals ignore their health over other priorities in life. This is true mostly for regular screening and early signs of several illnesses. The same applies for availing obesity surgery, as well as many people, fail to identify obesity in the first place. Today, we will try to decode the reason why obese people do not realize their state of body weight until it is too late. Lack of awareness Several individuals are just familiar with three bodies weight pattern, skinny, healthy and fat. The existence of overweight and obese classification has no place in their assumption. They just assume they are a bit heavy than ideally supposed to be. Association of obesity with other illness Despite knowing the existence of obesity, many are not familiar with its long-term complications. Obesity, if present for a significant period of time, can lead to several other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and much more. The unawareness of

Does Drinking Water Helps to Shed Weight

Drink eight glasses of water will help you shed weight! This is something we all have heard at least a dozen of times. Some would argue it is best possible obesity treatment. But let’s understand the actual facts behind the same. Does water make the fat melt? No, water does not guarantee in any significant weight loss. Let it be cold or warm, the temperature of the water does not have any effect on the overall body weight. Thus, before blindly putting yourself into the liquid diet of water, think every aspect of it clearly. The above-mentioned facts do not mean, we recommend to consume less amount of water. In contrast, we do insist on taking adequate water regularly. The water is the healthiest liquid or beverage for the human being, that is why it is called the universal solvent. Then how does water help? Water might not help you shed weight, it certainly helps to avoid gaining it, if

Are Plus Sized Clothes Making Obesity Okay in Society?

Humans are social creatures and therefore they cannot live without the company of one other. This companionship forms the community and society and their acceptance over several aspects are important for a comfortable living. Now there are several norms that are good and should be respected, while unfortunately, it is not true for all of them. Undergoing an obesity treatment in India was a taboo until a few decades ago. It still is in several parts of India. Having an ideal body weight is one of such aspects. Until a couple of decades ago, having excessive body weight was not very welcomed in the society. In fact, their options regarding various aspects, especially fashionable clothes were limited. Nowadays, several clothes are being produced in the extra large sizes. As a matter of fact, you are likely to find an entire section of such clothes in any retailing section. This gives rise to one question, do these plus size clothes making