Teen Obesity – Dooming The Most Important Period of your Kid’s Life?

Is the teenage boy in your house getting heavier by each passing day? Do you keep a check on the body weight of your little princess? Being healthy does not necessarily mean overweight, so do not make your child overweight only to keep him healthy. Childhood and Teen obesity is a recent threat to the young generation. Teenage is a period for mental and physical growth. However if overweight causes an unnecessary obstruction to that; then it would affect their health even in future also.

Basically, the fast adaptation of urbanized lifestyle, junk food addiction, less physical activity is the cause of such serious medical situation for an adolescent. Childhood obesity or teen obesity can have many reasons. Ordering meals from the outside, eating high-calorie food, avoiding meals while parents are at work, all these can cause the situation, favorable to gain excess fat and ultimately the obesity. In fact, many times, it has been found that the parents are the ones who are liable for such condition.

Teen obesity can be troublesome without any prior alarm since those extra pounds can eventually lead your children to have untimely diabetes, high blood pressure, high metabolic syndrome, and other health disasters. Teens who are obese, are likely to have asthma also. Moreover, they can be bullied and trolled by the classmates or playmates of the same age due to their overweight. Such incidents do hamper the innocent minds and take them on the path of depression.

However, it is time to think when we should seek the help of a doctor if we suspect obesity in our teens. Also, considering weight loss surgery can be a solution to this.

Because of the average body frames, many of our kids look like obese, although they are not. Moreover, children carry several amounts of fat at different stages of their physical development. Hence you may not get the idea when you should actually be concerned about their weight. Therefore, you need to check their BMI, that is the weight to height ratio. It will give you a perfect guideline related to the general measure of obesity (which is measured as a BMI>30). You might go for a laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

No matter how busy you are in your life or how lazy your kids are, always try to put them in a proper routine and feed them healthy. Being a guardian, it would always be you who would equally suffer emotionally and mentally, seeing your kids in physical distress.