The Current Frightening Scenario Of Obesity All Over The World

In the last 50 years, the intake of calories has increased a lot across the world. Energy consumption has increased in most countries along with the increase in income. But, since this energy consumption is not equal to energy expenditure, it has resulted in the rise of the obesity rate.

Over the years, it is true that obesity has become a major problem not only for adults but also children. The current scenario of obesity all over the world is pretty dire. Opinion of Bariatric surgeons of India relays that, if we don’t find a way to control it properly, the current growing generations will be in trouble. Take a look.

According to the World Health Organization, the rate of obese people has tripled since 1975. In recent years, a survey showed that more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight out of which 650 million are obese. Not only adults, but childhood obesity has become a concern too. In the survey, it was also found that over 340 million children from the age of 5-17 were either obese or overweight. If we look at the world as a whole, it may not seem like a huge number, but obesity has been labelled as an epidemic which is a concerning matter.

We normally generalize the situation and say America has the most obese people or India is becoming more obese day by day. In 2016, it was measured that at least 70% of Americans are either obese or overweight whereas only 10% of people in India are either obese or overweight. Since then these numbers have only increased over the years and will keep on increasing if people are not cautious.

Taking a closer look at the data, we will see that there are some particular countries who comparatively suffer more from obesity than other countries. Even though South-Asian and African countries are still very low in the number of obese people, but European, Russian, and American countries have an alarming rate of increase in obesity. Some of the countries that are in the topmost position in the list are Nauru with an obesity rate of 61%, Palau with 55.3%, Niue with 50%, Tonga with 48.2%, Kuwait with 38%, the United States with 36% and so on. Fortunately, India, on the other hand, is the fourth last country with an obesity rate of 3.9%. Some of the more prominent countries like the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, all lie within the scale of obesity rate from 20%-30%.

All these percentages have made doctors and bariatric surgeons concerned. The way obesity rate is rising, it is indeed a cause of worry for the coming generation. Obesity needs to be controlled fast else it can become one of the major reason for death for several countries in the coming future.