The Different Types Of Kidney Disease And How Obesity Can Cause Them

Obesity has a way of destructing and damaging the whole body gradually over time. Some say it is a virus, which if not removed with the help of various means like bariatric surgery can cause so many other complications. On this World Kidney Day, ILS Bariatric Care in Kolkata has taken the initiative to make people aware of the role of obesity in kidney disease. Here we have given some different types of kidney diseases and how obesity can aggravate it.

Chronic Kidney Disease

One of the major and lethal types of kidney problem is chronic kidney disease. It is a long-term condition and needs long-term treatment. The main cause of this disease is high blood pressure. When blood pressure increases, kidneys are one of the first organs to get affected. It increases the pressure on glomeruli which are the tiny blood vessels located in our kidneys. This is where the blood gets cleaned. When your high blood pressure keeps increasing, it damages these tiny blood vessels, which in turn damages the kidney.

Another major reason for chronic kidney disease is diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can cause high blood sugar. Just like high blood pressure, high blood sugar can cause damage to the blood vessels that are responsible for cleaning blood in the kidney. Over time, the kidney can fail due to overload of toxins.

It is a common knowledge that both high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes can be caused by obesity. Your heart will need to pump harder to supply blood if you are an obese person. This can lead to high blood pressure. Also, in the case of type 2 diabetes, obesity can cause cells to change. This change makes them insulin resistant.

Kidney Stones

The second most common problem of kidneys is kidney stones. When minerals and other substances in the blood crystallize, it leads to the formation of stones. A major cause of kidney stones is obesity.

People who have obesity tend to have a lot of salt and animal protein in the type of food they eat. Salt and animal protein can lead to stone formation in the kidney.

Obesity can also lead to an increase in urinary excretion, including uric acid and oxalate. Too much uric acid and oxalate can lead to the formation of calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Lastly, another way obesity can lead to kidney stone is compensatory hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. As many of you might know, obesity makes our body insulin resistant due to an increase in fatty acids. Hyperinsulinemia, on the other hand, indicates that your body has too much insulin which is also an effect of obesity. Both of these together can cause metabolic imbalance resulting in calcium kidney stones.

Acute Kidney Injury

Another serious condition of the kidney is acute kidney injury. It usually develops suddenly, when you might experience kidney failure which mostly lasts for a very short time. It mainly occurs because of the excess weight a person is carrying. It can also disappear quickly once it’s treated.

So, on this World Kidney Day, pledge to take care of your kidneys. If you are suffering from obesity, consider the option of bariatric surgery to prevent any kidney disease.