What Is The Scope Of Laparoscopy In Weight Loss Surgery In India?

There are several debates over open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, trying to reach a conclusion on which one is more efficient. For several years, surgeons have performed only open surgery. As medical science has evolved, laparoscopic surgery has gained a lot of popularity over the years in India. Even weight loss surgery in India is also performed with the method of laparoscopy.

Weight loss surgery is an invasive surgery where a temporary or permanent change is done to the digestive system. During the procedure, adjustments are done to the size of the stomach or the small intestine. This allows the person to consume much lesser food than before. The rerouted small intestine enables much lesser nutrients to be absorbed into the body. Less food and nutrients lead to loss of a significant amount of weight.

The laparoscopic surgery is done through several minute incision instead of a large one like in open surgery. This is why it is also known as keyhole surgery. Several benefits can be received from a laparoscopic surgery which open surgery may not give. These benefits are faster recovery, better aesthetic results, shorter hospital stays, fewer surgery-related complications, and the ability to resume routine life quickly.

Several surgeries are done with the help of laparoscopy. From hernia to the gallbladder, orthopaedic to weight loss, all these surgeries can be done with laparoscopy. There are several types of weight-loss surgeries and each one of them can be done using either an open approach or laparoscopic approach. In most bariatric centres in India, the laparoscopic approach is given the topmost priority.

On the other hand, laparoscopy has become common to the point that a lot of hospitals and other healthcare facilities claim to be an expert in laparoscopic surgery. So, choosing the right hospital with experience surgeon is no easy work. It is only beneficial when done flawlessly, choosing an experienced surgeon is the only way to successfully have the surgery.

So, if you need to undergo laparoscopic weight loss surgery, the most important thing to choose is the best healthcare facility with an experienced surgeon. Laparoscopic surgery will not only allow having a successful surgery but also, you will be able to recover quite quickly. It has been observed that within a month or two the patient loses a huge amount of weight.