What Makes You An Ideal Candidate For The Weight Loss Surgery

One in every Indian is either overweight or obese. This is a very startling statement which should motivate us to make healthier lifestyle and diet choice every day. However, it is often much more difficult to do rather than just to say. Thankfully, there are several weight loss surgery procedures that are helping obese individuals to regain health and ideal body weight. However, there are some prerequisites that one has to follow in order to undergo weight reduction surgery.

A higher than normal BMI is the first and foremost factor for considering a surgical remedy for obesity. For those who know very little of the same, Body Mass Index or more commonly known as BMI is the ratio of an individual’s weight by the square of their height. The resulting number helps with the classification of the body type. We are hereby offering some general guidelines that make an individual, a suitable candidate for obesity surgery.

1. Having A BMI Of 40 Or More

A BMI of 40 or more classifies the individual as Morbid Obese. This is the most critical phase of obesity that tampers the health of the individual. Often it brings a great degree of challenge to even perform day-to-day activities like walking, doing household chores, etc. Such individual MUST consider weight loss surgery, to shed excess body weight.

2. Having A BMI Of 35 With Other Obesity Associated Illnesses

A BMI of 35 or more is classified as moderately obese. By this stage, one or more obesity associated condition like sleep apnea, infertility, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many others can onsets. An individual with excessive body weight, who are also dealing with complications is advised to undergo obesity surgery as well.

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3. Having A BMI Of 30 And Other Multiple Associated Illness

A BMI of 30 or more is classified as clinically obese. Such an individual can lose weight significantly, with great dedication, but the presence of multiple obesity-associated conditions (as mentioned earlier) make it a big challenge. Such individuals can consider weight reduction surgery to lose weight effectively and lead a healthier life ahead.

4. The Individual Is Otherwise Healthy And Willing

The individual should be otherwise physically and mentally sound. Detailed diagnosis and consultation are required to consider the possibility of obesity surgery for a patient dealing with some severe health condition. Moreover, the weight reduction surgery needs the individual to make an adjustment with diet and lifestyle, so the individual must be mentally ready to deal with the guidelines.

Special Case Of Teen Obesity Surgery Guidelines

Often people assume that weight loss surgery is just for obese adults, but it also helps the obese teen to have a healthier life ahead. Thus, the teen who is also diagnosed as obese and for whom other weight loss methods are not working out can also consider the surgical approach to resolve obesity.

Every Obese individual need to get a consultation with a qualified bariatric surgery doctor in person for a detailed report.