Who is Liable for Childhood Obesity?

The headcount of obesity infected individuals is rising at an alarming rate in most of the nations in the world, including India. In fact, there is an uplift in the number of individual seeking obesity surgery in India. Moreover, the age group being infected is no longer restricted to the adult individuals solely.

Truly the children are falling into the trap of obesity quite easily these days. But the main question arises, that Who’s responsible for the same? Let’s make one thing clear beforehand, that who is certainly not the responsible party, the children themselves, at least not at the early age. In fact, if statistically spoken, in about 70 percent of the noted childhood obesity cases, the child is found as the victim of the illness, rather than the responsible party.

So let’s understand in details, who unintentionally contribute towards the same.

The role of parents

The children are like a blotting paper in their initial decade of their life. Whatever they see around them, they absorb and reflex. That is why it is important to teach the value of a healthy body from an early age itself.

Many parents of overweight children are often overweight or obese themselves. Mostly due to lack of exercise and consumption of high-calorie food. From an early age itself, they witness their elders leading a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, it comes as a no surprise that they become addicted to it factors leading to obesity as well.

The role of schooling

The average duration a child spends in the school often exceeds 6 hours. Apart from the school hours, the child spends 1-2 hours while traveling all the way to the facility and go back, 3- 4 more hours on the homework and assignments allocated by the school. The duration increases even more during exams. Thus, the children barely get any time or motivation for pursuing any physical activities.

The role of surrounding

The surrounding factors such as unavailability of safe and adequate free space makes physical activities such as running, cycling, playing with other children etc. very difficult. As a result, the children get distant from the physical activities and eventually prefers to avoid it altogether.

Thus, there are several parties responsible for it and each of them must bear a responsibility to ensure that childhood obesity can be kept at bay. And in case it cannot be controlled through preventive measures even when the child attains adulthood, the corrective measures can be executed properly in the form of obesity surgery in India.