Why and How To Keep Children Away From Fast Food ?

Does your kids make a lot of tantrum while eating lunch and dinner at home? Don’t worry you are not alone. Most kids today are addicted to junk food rather than healthy foods made at home. This is leading to childhood obesity epidemic in India. It is understandable that after working for the whole day when you come home and your kids start throwing a tantrum that they want to eat pizza or burger, you will want to give in. But the biggest downside to that is your kids will never like to eat homemade healthy foods, once they become addicted to fast food and thus gradually, will lead to obesity.

Child obesity has become the biggest concern of many. More and more parents are seeking out obesity treatment for their children. A child suffering from obesity is a bigger concern than an adult dealing with it. There are several reasons as to why it is a concern and why children should stay away from fast food as it is a main reason for obesity.

The more fast food a child will eat, the more addicted he/she will become to it. When a child eats a burger or takes a bite of pizza, dopamine, which is the main neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and excitement, gets secreted. This makes the child more addicted to it. It is a known fact that if consumed a lot, junk foods can clog the arteries due to their high-calorie content. Not only that, but it also reduces energy levels and the ability to concentrate for extended periods. This means that the more your kids will eat these foods, the more they will be unwilling to study or do any kind of physical activities. If they don’t do any physical activities, endorphins, which are hormones that makes you feel happy when released, won’t be released, making them feel depressed. As a result, they won’t be sleeping well and become moodier.

So, how to stop your kids from eating fast foods? Make them understand that you don’t support eating fast foods. Stop buying packaged foods when you go out to buy your monthly supply of groceries. Do not buy chips, candies, cokes every now and then. Instead, make sure to keep lots of fruits and vegetables stocked in your fridge. You can learn and prepare healthy food recipes so which the children will love to eat even though they are not fast foods. Keep dried fruits, nuts etc. in stock for snacks. Make a good diet plan and encourage them to follow it with the whole family. Teach them the benefits of healthy foods and include enough protein and healthy fats in the diet. Let them know that if they follow the diet plan regularly, they will be allowed to eat whatever they want only once or twice a week. Involve them in physical activities after they come home from school.

Follow these methods to control your children’s obesity. But if your child is already suffering from extreme obesity, you can come to ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care in Kolkata for Obesity treatment.

Not only that, if a child undergoes the surgery within time or can lose weight naturally, then he won’t suffer from adult obesity at all, which is much more life-threatening than childhood obesity.