Why Dieting Is Not An Alternative For Obesity Surgery

Food is the best medicine and we all can agree to that as long as we are having healthy fruits and vegetable as our food. Indeed, having the right food at the right time is what we all need to avoid many diseases and have a sound body and mind. Avoiding a certain type of food is also crucial to maintain good health. For instance, avoiding much sugary food items will help you control diabetes and avoiding fatty food will help to cut off excess calories. In fact, dieting is quite a common approach to cut extra calories and attain weight loss. But as per many obesity doctors, it does not work for overweight or obese people and in fact, can bring, unwanted complications instead. Let’s understand how.

Food is like a fuel that gives us the energy to carry out our everyday work. Our food ideally should consist of ideal proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and even fat. We can easily get all these nutrients forms our regular food items such as rice, roti, vegetables, pulses, fruits, and dairy products. It is crucial to understand that obesity occurs when one fails to consume them in suitable quantity and start to eat the fattening food in huge amount instead. Moreover, obesity occurs mainly when people practice such eating habits in the long run and often are physically inactive as well.

When people try out dieting, they often follow some tips from the Internet instead of consulting a qualified nutritionist or obesity surgery expert. As a result, when they are dieting, they are not making the dieting plan any fruitful. Dieting should ideally involve cutting out the fattening stuff like cheese, butter, ghee, along with highly processed deep fried and high calorific food items. It does not mean fasting or starving yourself to attain weight loss.

Often it has been seen that people avoid eating anything at all, for a significant portion of the day, limiting to eat only one meal or so, each day. It is highly not recommended to get engage in such unwise diet chart fad as it leads to malnutrition. People often fail to realize that depriving their body of any of the above-mentioned nutrients has its adverse effects. Moreover, people who are addicted to fast food, often cannot continue with dieting and end up eating more than usual eventually. Needless to say, 9 out of 10 individuals trying dieting fail to get any fruitful results.

So, what’s the alternative? If you are just a little overweight and not obese and are otherwise free of any complications like blood sugar, hypertension or joint pain, you can try diet control along with vigorous exercise. But for obese individuals, weight loss surgery is one of the most feasible ways to attain weight loss. It enables them to get rid of excess body weight that slows them down and also help them resolve other related conditions like joint pain, blood, cholesterol and more.

Thus, people who are trying to lose weight are advised to seek the ideal obesity treatment for themselves.