Why Women Are More Prone To Gain Excess Weight

Women’s health needs to be in front and center – it often isn’t but it needs to be.’

As rightly said by Cynthia Nixon, a renowned American actress, politician, and activist, women’s health needs much more priority than it gets. Apart from deadly health threats like cancers, one major health condition threatens their health all around the globe is obesity! Today, let’s discuss why women are often more prone to weight gain and how it can be addressed.

Weight gain is mostly due to the imbalance of calorie intake and calories burnt. This is true for both men and women. Thus a determined, health-conscious individual of either gender often stays in shape through their life. However, the morphological difference between the genders makes women more susceptible to weight gain. It usually starts with puberty as women’s body begins to develop feminine features like breasts and more prominent thighs and buttocks. These tissues are mostly made up of fat and start to add pounds to their overall body weight.

Moreover physical and hormonal changes such that menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and childbirth etc. are some events that are endured by women along and these phases are associated with hormonal changes in the body. As a result, women tend to gain weights, particularly during and after pregnancy. Of course, shedding them effectively is possible but not by all.

So what can be done? The best way for any medical threat, including obesity is prevention. It will include consciousness towards what’s on the plate and including physical exercise on a routine basis. However, in case things are already out of hands for you, it is best to admit it and seek treatment, you can either shed weight through intense physical work out or resolve it effectively, through weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery is a surgical method to lose weight and also several obesity-associated illnesses such as diabetes, infertility, arthritis and many more.

We salute all the women on this International Women’s Day (8th March’ 2019) and on this very special event, we urge every woman to evaluate their own BMI to consider if and how to address it if found overweight or obese.

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