Are You Encouraging Your Teen Towards Obesity?

Today’s family structure is mostly nuclear type, comprising of parents and children and more recently just one child. It is not surprising to find them, treating them to their fullest. This ‘love treats’ are doing more harm than good. Making them feel loved and safe is one thing, but stuffing them with junk food is a bad idea. The situation of teen obesity needs to be addressed as the number of teens seeking fat loss surgery is increasing sharply.

It is true that children need to consume more nutritious food in their growing years. But these should include plenty of green veggies, fresh fruits, lentils, Indian bread, milk, etc., not highly processed pizza, burger, and sugar loaded milkshakes. In fact, it is best to refrain them as much as possible. Now it is kind of very challenging to avoid them altogether, being a teen with the social circle and get togethering.


These days, a family with both the spouse working is very prevalent. Thus the average family income is quite higher than before. As a result, the parents don’t mind giving their children more than adequate pocket money for eating out. Needless to say, the extra money makes them have many, many ‘friends’ to accompany these ‘dine outs’. Moreover, many parents give a regular amount to their children to buy lunch instead of making them at home. Gradually, these children become addicted to store purchased food and refrain from home-cooked meals as much as they can.

‘Home delivery’ is yet another culprit contributing towards teen obesity. The number of restaurants offers doorsteps food delivery is mushrooming at a rapid rate. These food places offer to deliver food at home or office address at a very minimum budget order. As a result, the teens these days don’t even need to move out of home anymore to eat. This might sound like a convenience, but in reality, it is a two-fold contributing factor towards teen obesity. On one hand, teens are consuming high-calorie food and on the other hand, they are limiting their movement more than ever.


Even though many teens exercise or even seek fat loss surgery in order to compensate for the high-calorie consumption, it is a bad idea either way. Think about what are the common ingredients in every fast food, refined wheat flour, potato, onion, tomatoes, mayo, cheese and other toppings. Thereby teens stay deprived of several other crucial nutrients. We urge every parent to keep an eye on their teen’s diet and lifestyle to ensure they grow healthy and fit.