Extra Pounds Making Your Heart Extra Tired – Lose Weight Now, For Good!

Having extra feels good, isn’t it? But sadly, it is not true when it comes to having extra pounds around the belly. Having excess weight is termed obesity and is associated with numerous other illnesses. Several cardiovascular ailments are particularly associated with putting on excess weight. Let’s understand in details, how obesity exhausts the heart and causes heart ailments.

The heart is a rather special organ performing the crucial functions of pumping and circulating blood to the body. The average size of the heart of an individual is about the size of their fist. The heart pumps blood effectively as we grow up with age. However, once we start putting excessive body weight, the heart endures extra pressure and thus several cardiac discomforts start to onset. In fact, heart fibrillation and arrhythmia is quite common among any overweight individual.

As per obesity surgery doctor, diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, palpitation, and other heart and chest discomforts are often prevalent among overweight and obese individuals. Moreover, the presence of many breathing discomforts is often associated with the poor working condition of the heart. In many cases, medical emergencies such as stroke and heart attack can also onset due to prolonged obesity in the scenario. Particularly, abdominal obesity, also known as the central obesity possesses the most severe threats to the heart and the circulation system.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining in it. As excess body weight poses several threats to the health, losing them effectively can restore the heart health significantly too. It addressed both primary reasons for heart disease and secondary reasons that act as a breeding ground for more severe complications. Obviously, timely monitoring of the health and the heart condition is crucial parameters for the same.

Following a balanced diet and regular exercise can help one losing weight. However, in case, one’s BMI is in alarming range, it is extremely challenging to lose it effectively with these conventional approaches. As per obesity surgery doctors, going for the medically assured procedures such as weight reduction surgery is advised for timely and more effective results.

As we are observing World Heart Day, let’s make a pledge to shed as many pounds we need to regain health and fitness. Seek expert opinions from the SRC certified experts from ILS Bariatric Care, the only Center of Excellence for bariatric and metabolism in eastern India.

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World Heart Day

World Heart Day