Fun Indian Breakfast Ideas For Each Day Of The Week To Cut Calories

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper!”

This is a well-known quote that briefs what our ideal food should be like. According to obesity surgery doctors, it has been found that skipping or having unhealthy breakfast often leads to several digestive issues, which affects the overall health. Moreover, skipping breakfast inevitably leads to binging on fast food in the later time of the day, which, in turn, causes obesity.

As we are observing the National Nutrition Week from 1st to 7th September, here we present 7 typical, healthy breakfast that will help you keep calories at bay. We have kept the dishes ‘Indian’ as it is most easily available and more healthy.

Monday – Dalia

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Start your day with a plentiful bowl of dalia. It is the best possible food to keep you charged for the morning after the Sunday off.

Tuesday – Sprouts

Indian Breakfast Ideas

A bowl full of fresh salad of sprouts with little dressing is an excellent source of nutrients. It is very little time consuming as well.

Wednesday – Cornflakes/Muesli

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Cornflakes or Muesli is also a quick and comforting meal as breakfast. It can be made even more healthy by adding handfull of sliced fruits and nuts.

Thursday – Poha

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Poha is an easy breakfast option that is made with beaten rice, veggies, and spices. It is light to digest and keeps the belly full until the lunch.

Friday – Oats

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Oats is a yet another booster food for the morning and it can be made in both spicy and sweet versions. If too much sugar is not added, either version is healthy and tasty.

Saturday – Paratha

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Paratha cannot be made without oil, so having it with curd is a good idea to help with digestion. Moreover, it is wise to limit one serving of paratha in one week.

Sunday – Scrambled egg and bread

Indian Breakfast Ideas

Tossing 2-3 slides of brown bread with a couple of scrambled eggs is an excellent breakfast menu. It is tasty and easy to make and charge up for the morning.

Thus, instead of tossing jam, butter, and mayo in a pack refrigerated bread for everyday breakfast, adapt this much tastier and healthier menu. With each of these breakfast items, feel free to include a glass of milk. As per bariatric surgeons, having a cup of green tea makes it even more nutritious and effective calorie cutter.

We will be back with fun lunch ideas soon to help you keep calories at bay. Till then try to implement this healthy, full and calorie cutting breakfast menu.