How Asthma Can Lead You Towards Obesity

Obesity is becoming a threat for all over the world. Though most people can avoid this by adopting a healthy lifestyle consisting a balanced diet and regular physical exercise, it is often very unfeasible to carry out. Ultimately they have to seek help in form of weight loss surgery. It is particularly true for people suffering from asthma

Asthma is a medical condition in which the air passage of the individual gets blocked and initiate an episode of breathlessness and a possible spasm. The frequency of these episodes can range between few times a week to few times a day. We all are familiar that being overweight or obese enhances the risks of asthma, but in reality, asthma can also give rise to obesity. Let’s understand the correlation between these two.


Eating food is okay as long as you spend enough time, burning it up so that it does not store up in the body as fat. The same does not happen for the people suffering from asthma. As this condition makes the individual vulnerable and out of breath upon carrying on out any exercise. Thus, all the high calorie and high carb food these individuals eat, everything begins to store in the system, due to the lack of physical exercise.

This is particularly noticeable in the case of children. Once they encounter the problem of difficulty and breathlessness upon exercise, they start to avoid working out at all. However, this usually does not affect the food quantity and the individual keeps consuming high-calorie food.

For a person with asthma, the chance of becoming overweight or obese enhances drastically, to as high as three times more than someone who is not. This happens mostly because a person with asthma cannot even try out a sententious workout session to keep their weight in check.


Moreover, after gaining weight, the condition of asthma desecrate even more. Thus, it vital to evaluate the condition of possible asthma in an individual as soon as they experience excursion upon doing even some light work. With a medically supported diet chart, lifestyle and dedication, the danger of probable obesity in the future.

Thankfully, due to the emergence of weight loss surgery, the patients having a double burden of overweight and asthma can be cured quite easily. Through this surgical approach, not only obesity is resolved along with asthma, but other conditions like sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and diabetes etc are also addressed.

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