Watch Out This Festive Season As It Might Lead You Towards Weight Gain

This time of the year is rather special as it brings several festive seasons. On one hand, it gives the scope of unlimited pandal-hopping with family and friends. Also, it gives people to stay connected to their roots while performing rituals and festivals. In every way, it helps people gain a lot. Lots of fun, good memories, and unfortunately excess pounds as well. Obesity surgery doctor affirms that weight gain is very prevalent among most people during this time. Let’s understand two different scenarios of the same.

Extra Treats And Weight Gain

Pandal hopping with friends and family is incomplete without binging on literally whatever you see, which is both available and affordable. Needless to say, it rarely includes a green salad and highly processed fast food occupies a rather significant portion of these food items. This binge eating adds a few pounds around the belly and also kind of evokes the ‘secret greedy self’ that loves to feast upon calorie loaded food in future too.

Fasting And Weight Gain

During this period of Navratri, many devotees follow a day-long fast for 9 consecutive days. Ideally, this may look like an excellent period of time to cut off calories and shed pounds. But in reality, the opposite is more prevalent. The day-long fast usually ends with a feast every night. Most of the people consume high-calorie food that is loaded with fattening ingredients. Also, most people usually consume them in extra amount as to compensate for the day-long fast. As a result, weight loss not only gets out of the scenario, but people actually end up gaining more pounds than before.

Thankfully, the acquired body weight due to either of these causes has only short-term consequences and can be effectively shed with proper measures and determination. However, this practice for a prolonged period often results in weight gain. And needless to say the habits of binge eating or fasting very frequent throughout the year has similar effects on body weight.

Progressive weight gain should be consulted with obesity surgery doctors. They will guide you towards attaining a healthy body weight for a better living. However, not every effort yields fruitful results and you might need to consider a weight reduction surgery to address obesity for once and for all. So, enjoy the festive season, but keep a track of the calories too.