Why India is Becoming a Medical Tourism Hub for Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate. For those, who are morbidly obese, at some point in time, bariatric surgery becomes inevitable in order to restore body weight and bodily functions. But not every nation is equally capable of executing these surgical procedures effectively. Bariatric surgery in India is gaining enormous popularity these days. It is becoming a medical tourism hotspot in the recent years. As per statistics, more and more people are making India, their destination for this surgical procedure and more than 100 bariatric procedures are being executed in all over India each day.

Let’s discuss three main issues for the same.

1. Affordable expense

The Indian economy is growing every year, but still, it is more economical as compared to more developed nations like US, Australia, and several European countries. Thus, the overall cost of undergoing bariatric surgery in India is just a fraction of what it would these above-mentioned countries. Thus, it attracts a large fraction of people from various economic strata of people towards it.

2. State-of-the-art facilities in India

Having affordable price does not mean a poor facility is available in these bariatric centers. In contrast, the facilities of bariatric surgery in India are of top-notch quality. Even few of them has been recognized as ‘Center Of Excellence’ by International accreditation team based on its high-quality services provided by them.

Weight Loss Surgery

3. Variety of procedures

There are mainly 4 types of bariatric procedures that are carried out in order to achieve weight loss. These are namely, lap band, sleeve gastronomy, duodenal switch and gastric bypass. the type of surgery needed is based on the overall condition of the patient, BMI, and presence of any obesity-related illness if any.

Thus, each patient is considered for the surgery, based on his individual conditions. It is something that usually does not take place in foreign lands.

Because of these above-mentioned advantages, India is uprising as one of the best destination for medical tourism in order to avail a safe, economical and high-quality weight loss surgery. However, due to lack of awareness, many Indian citizens suffering from obesity seek bariatric surgery outside of India. It is highly recommended to such patients to avail bariatric surgery in India itself as it has been proved to be one of the best destination for obesity surgery in the world.

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