Why People Often Ignore the Signs of Obesity

Several individuals ignore their health over other priorities in life. This is true mostly for regular screening and early signs of several illnesses. The same applies for availing obesity surgery, as well as many people, fail to identify obesity in the first place. Today, we will try to decode the reason why obese people do not realize their state of body weight until it is too late.

Lack of awareness

Several individuals are just familiar with three bodies weight pattern, skinny, healthy and fat. The existence of overweight and obese classification has no place in their assumption. They just assume they are a bit heavy than ideally supposed to be.


Association of obesity with other illness

Despite knowing the existence of obesity, many are not familiar with its long-term complications. Obesity, if present for a significant period of time, can lead to several other illnesses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and much more. The unawareness of these facts make them believe, obesity is quite harmless and thus pays very little to no attention for the same.

Assumption of obesity as a minor issue

Many of the people living in the 21st century are aware of the types of deadly illness. Thus, when they consider the possibility of obesity in their life, they don’t react much. They usually rule out any association of obesity to major health threats.

Obesity Surgery

Morbid obese makes them feel skinnier

Most of the articles and journals referring to the issue of obesity usually go for a morbidly obese individual. Thus who are overweight considers morbid obesity as obesity. Also, the individual assumes himself or herself as a much thinner individual. This way, it acts as a catalyst which makes them believe to be thin and thus they do not seek for proper medical healthcare.

Thus, the total number of individuals seeking obesity surgery in India are very limited as compared to the total number of people suffering from the same in India alone. A huge population realizes that they are obese only after they are a way to high for overweight. At this stage losing weight through conventional means such as through diet control, healthy lifestyle and regular physical exercise. At this stage having an obesity surgery in India remains as the only one method of regaining the healthy body weight.

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