3 Most Common Eating Disorder Among Youth These Days

Food plays a crucial role in building our overall health and wellbeing. It is crucial to eat the right food and in the right amount. Obesity surgery doctor confirms that many youths suffer from some or the other eating disorder, these days. Let’s understand 3 most common eating disorders.

What Is Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are the medical conditions in which individual either eat too much or too little then they should ideally consume. It also includes unhealthy and potentially harmful practice regarding food. Knowing these disorders and their symptoms can help you diagnose it well and seek its suitable medical treatment on time.

Binge Eating

This is probably the most common issue faced by the youth these days. Binge eating is also more commonly known as mindless eating. It is characterized by the habit of eating unhealthy food, in more quality that ultimately leads to weight gain and other medical complications. It is leading towards teen obesity these days and in fact, most of the people seeking obesity treatment also admit to practicing the same.

Symptoms of binge eating-

  • Eating in large quantity
  • Eating high calorie, highly processed food
  • Persistent weight gain
  • Feeling guilty about overeating afterward
  • Trying out diet plans, with little to no success
  • Eating even without the sensation of hunger


This is just the opposite of the previous one. It makes the individual stay deprived of food, even when they are hungry, in attempts to lose weight. They constantly stay in fear of gaining weight and also consider themselves as overweight, when in reality, they are underweight. It makes them very thin to a point when they become severely ill.

Symptoms of anorexia-

  • Avoiding food despite being hungry
  • Hiding or throwing away food
  • Lack of periods in women
  • Exercising too stain-fully to lose weight
  • Having a distorted image of themselves
  • Body-shaming people who are normal (or even thin)


This eating disorder is very gross and dangerous than the other two mentioned before. Bulimia is more commonly known as binging and purging. While you are familiar with binging as eating in large quantity, mindlessly; purging is the attempt to compensate for the same by getting rid of the food consumed. This includes inducing vomiting, using laxatives, severe fasting, excessive exercise, and other methods, which are not only ineffective but are also dangerous.

Symptoms of bulimia-

  • Bathroom breaks after meals
  • Clogging of shower or bathroom
  • Strict fasting or exercise
  • Binging without much weight gain
  • Strange eating rituals
  • Avoiding company during or after meals

No matter what eating disorder you are dealing with, avoiding eating with other people or avoiding people altogether sort of indicate that something might not be right. Parents and the teen should educate themselves regarding these and seek treatment on time to battle these disorders. Remember, a timely measure can help you deal with any of the eating disorder and help them lead a healthy life ahead.