6 Weight Loss Resolution For 2019

Another year has passed and we congrats you if you made it to ‘attain your weight loss’ plan during last year. However, if you haven’t and instead fall into the traps of lucrative jumbo meals and now struggling with the extra pounds, this new year is yet another chance for you to get rid of obesity. Here, we offer some tips offered by obesity surgeons to make that weight loss resolution work this year. So, let’s begin the countdown.

1. Drink Before Eat

Drinking water is beneficial for overall health, but having a glassful of water about 30 minutes before a meal helps to control overeating. It helps to keep extra calories and extra pounds at bay. Lukewarm water works the best, but water at room temperature works as well.

Weight loss resolution

2. Drink Green Tea

Green tea can cut calories and it is not a myth. Replace your milk and sugar loaded morning bed tea or coffee with a cup of green tea. For those, who are new to its taste might find it a little odd at first, but once you get used to it, you would actually find it refreshing.

weight loss resolution

3. Eat From Smaller Plate

Replace your bowls with smaller size bowl and fill it up to its brim while eating. This will give the sensation of eating ‘a plateful’ while you cleverly cut a lot of calories. However, do not fall for a second serving, as it will again end up adding more to the plate.

weight loss resolution

4. Count What You Eat

Counting the calorie intake is a clever way of controlling the mindless eating. Keep a tab on whatever you are eating. Take help from your smartphone and apps that give you an approx calorie count of every food item out there.

weight loss resolution

5. Chew Before Swallow

Chew the food properly before swallowing and gulping subsequent bites. Chewing slows down the tendency of overeating and also makes us more conscious of what we are eating. To help towards the same, try to switch off the TV and other devices while eating.

weight loss resolution

6. Carry And Keep Healthy Snacks

Carry around a handful of peanuts or an apple. These quick bites will help you satiate your small hunger pangs and help you avoid consuming calorie-laden food.

weight loss resolution

Bonus Tip – Consult An Obesity Surgeon

In case, you are struggling enormously with extra body weight, don’t suffer anymore and consider a weight loss surgery. Often it is the only way to deal with persistent obesity that won’t go away with conventional methods.

weight loss resolution

Follow these simple tips to attain your weight loss resolution this year.