8 Ways To Fulfill Your New Year Resolution Of Lose Weight

As soon as we step into a new year, people are usually brimming up with ideas and plans that they want to fulfill. Every year people take up so many new year resolutions at once and then struggle to fulfill them or simply stop trying them after some point. Like, if you have taken up a resolution of losing weight, wouldn’t it be better if you could actually stick to your resolution? Here, under our supervision at ILS bariatric care you can get some super tips and advice from our bariatric experts on weight loss.

Make realistic goals

Do not make goals that will be impossible or unhealthy to achieve like trying to lose 24kgs in two months. When you set unrealistic goals, your brain will give up beforehand and you won’t get the urge to fulfil them. So try to set goals like losing 10kgs in 5 months.

Make a plan

After you have set your goal, make a full-proof plan that will help you stick to it. From making a schedule of when you are going to work out to the number of meals you are going to have every day, plan it all.

Choose the right food

Choosing the right kind of is very necessary. What a lot of people don’t understand is that it is not the lack of food that helps you to lose weight but rather the amount of nutritious food that you choose instead of the fried foods. Consult a nutritionist or someone from Bariatric care if needed.

Work out a lot

Don’t start working out a lot right from the beginning, rather gradually increase the amount of time you devote to different types of physical activities. This will strengthen your muscles instead of harming them.

Give yourself a cheat day

Let yourself cheat at least once in two weeks. You can eat anything you wish to eat on that day and not work out at all. After all, it is your cheat day so cheat all you want.

Make water your best friend

Drink more water every day. Drink water in every form like tea, coffee, lemon water, or simply just water. But try to drink 3-4 litres of water as it will remove the toxic from the body and help you lose weight.

Get Support

Having a health buddy where you can encourage each other to work harder if one of you feel discouraged for some reasons will benefit you immensely. You can also join such groups to help you too.

Never give up

Whether it’s by using support or with your sheer will try never to give up. Stick to your goal and fulfill your new year resolution by any means necessary.

If you fail to succeed even after following all these tips you can come to your bariatric care unit and look for other options.