Diabetes And Obesity – Learn How To Prevent Them

In every two households in India, one would be found to have a diabetic patient. This is the truth, that diabetes is one of the most serious health hazards in the world. However, there are a lot of people who are still unaware of the fact that they can be diagnosed with diabetes. An early diagnosis can help to control the blood sugar level for many people.

However, you might ask whether there is any specific symptom of diabetes apart from all the common signs. On this World Diabetes Day, let’s get to know why being overweight can be a predictor for diabetes type 2. It has been seen that over 90% of people suffering from diabetes are having obesity. But why does it happen? Most importantly, how can obesity be related to type 2 diabetes?

Patients who are obese or have the tendency of gaining more weight, are most affected with this disease. Their overweight adds more pressure on the ability of their bodies for secreting insulin. Insulin is the enzyme, discharged from Pancreas which controls our blood sugar level. Hence, when excess fat in the upper abdomen creates pressure on the organ, it fails to discharge insulin properly. It results in the onset of diabetes. Basically, overeating can stress the network of inner membranes inside the cells (Endoplasmic Reticulum). When it becomes filled with nutrients more than its capacity, the ER sends an SOS signal to the insulin receptors to dampen down. Thus, it translates to the resistance in insulin secretion and to the high concentration of blood glucose. This is how obesity becomes a major reason for type 2 diabetes. Hence the rapid growing occurrences of type 2 diabetes are to be attributed to the increasing obesity prevalence in today’s world.

Now, you may ask, is there any way-out to resolve diabetes?

The answer is yes! Type-2 diabetes can be prevented. Some basic changes in lifestyle and effective amount of weight loss (5-10%) can manage or restrict type 2 diabetes development among adults with high risk. Here, lifestyle changes include proper diet and intense to moderate physical exercises or activity on a daily basis. For an example, a walk for two hours with breaks in between on a daily basis is effective to reduce weight, which is directly helpful for diabetes prevention. In case of an emergency, you should consult with an obesity surgery doctor.

On the World Diabetes Day, We, from ILS Bariatric Care pledge to help you to prevent the disease like obesity, so that you can be free from the threat of diabetes in the future.