Effects Of Obesity On Children And How Weight Reduction Surgery Can Help

Childhood obesity has become a serious medical condition that affects children and adolescents. Childhood obesity is very concerning because the extra weight makes the children prone to serious health problems that mostly used to be considered as adult problems like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. There are several ways that a child is affected by obesity.


Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which your body doesn’t metabolize glucose properly. Diabetes can lead to eye disease, nerve damage and kidney dysfunction. Children who are overweight tend to develop type 2 diabetes.

Heart Disease

High cholesterol and high blood pressure raise the risk of future heart disease in obese children. Foods that are high in fat and salt may cause cholesterol and blood pressure levels to rise. Heart attack and stroke are two potential complications of heart disease.

Sleep Disorders

Kids and teens who are obese may also suffer from sleep disorders, such as excessive snoring and sleep apnea. It usually happens because of the extra weight in the neck area which results in blockage of their airways.

Joint Pain

Obesity in children can also lead to joint stiffness and pain due to carrying excess weight. In many cases, losing weight through weight reduction surgery can eliminate joint problems.

Low Self-Esteem And Being Bullied

Children often tease or bully their overweight peers, who suffer a loss of self-esteem and an increased risk of depression as a result.

Behaviour And Learning Problems

Overweight children tend to be very anxious and have poor social skills. These problems might lead them either to act out and disrupt their classrooms or to withdraw socially.


Low self-esteem can create overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, which can lead to depression in some children who are overweight.


There are some ways to prevent obesity in children.

  • Limit your child’s consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages or avoid them.
  • Provide plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat lunch, dinner, or breakfast together as a family as often as possible.
  • Don’t eat out, especially at fast-food restaurants, and even if you do, teach your child how to choose healthy foods.
  • Don’t let your child overeat.
  • Limit TV and other gadgets to less than 2 hours a day for children and teenagers and don’t allow any kinds of gadgets for children younger than 4.
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep.

You can consult your doctor if you are looking for different ways of treatment and ask for diet and lifestyle guidelines that will help your children maintain their weight. Weight reduction surgery, which used to be a treatment for adults are now recommended for obese children too. If your child is suffering from morbid obesity and leaning more towards other obesity-related problems then come to ILS Bariatric Care for Obesity Treatment.