Facing Fat Shamming? How Obesity Surgery Can Help

Are you bulky or fat? Do you often find yourself being criticized by fit and trim people around you? You are not alone! Every obese individual face these sessions of criticism from both known and unknown people around them. Obese individual seeking weight loss surgery often admit of such criticism. Let’s understand what is body shamming and how it can be helped for good with obesity surgery.

What Is Body Shaming?

Body shamming or fat shaming is self-explanatory in nature. When people criticize or make fun of people who are seemingly fat or bulky, purely because of their appearance, it is called body shamming. Often it happens in public transport or public places like restaurant or shopping malls mostly by strangers, but it can also happen in a personal get-together by friends, family and known acquaintances as well.

How It Affects?

Body shaming effects in various ways, of which mostly it does more damage than good. On the positive side, few individuals set their mind for losing weight by any means. They might go for intense workout or dieting and shed significant weight if they are otherwise healthy. They also seek permanent remedy like weight loss surgery. Either way, it many time leads to progressive weight loss.

On the negative side, body shaming makes such bulky individuals very uncomfortable and physiologically crippled. It makes them lose confidence and acts as a catalyst towards avoiding the company of people. It leads to stress and binge eating and ultimately causes even more weight gain.

How does Obesity Surgery help?

Obesity surgery or weight loss surgery is the surgical intervention through which the individual loses a significant amount of weight. It is particularly helpful for a morbidly obese individual for whom other methods are less likely to work out. Obesity surgery not only can resolve excessive body weight but also resolves its associated conditions, boost the individual’s confidence and self-perspective. Overall it is life changing surgery for many people undergoing it.

Also, it is crucial to educate people about the same. Body-shaming is horrible to endure and often ruins the person’s self-confidence. It is important for people to understand that obesity is not to be discriminated, but must be resolved. Awareness must be spread to mitigate this deadly threat from the Earth.