Health Problems You Can Have Just By Being Overweight

Many of you know that once you become obese, it is concerning for your health and that is when obesity treatment is required. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that even being overweight can also be a problem as being overweight is the initial stage of becoming obese if one isn’t careful. If your body mass index which is the product of your height and weight is within the range of 25 to 30, it means you are overweight. Being ranked as overweight is your body’s way of telling you to lose weight before you reach the mark of obesity.

Any amount of extra fat can be harmful to your body. There are several health risks that you might encounter if you are overweight. Of course, age and your gene play a role in it too.

The Age Group Of Children and Teens

For children, being overweight may not be much worrisome in terms of other health risks. But, on the other hand, childhood is the time when a child needs to develop their motor skills. Being overweight can affect their mind by making them dull. Also, peer pressure is a huge factor during this time. Your child might get teased and taunted in school. It will make them feel depressed and gain more weight by staying indoors as much as possible. If a child is overweight due to their gene, it can be more harmful. If the parents are obese, children have more chance of becoming obese too. So, make sure the child doesn’t suffer from the same problems if the parents are obese. If so, then the child or the teen will not only suffer from obesity but also obesity-related diseases like type-2 diabetes even at a young age.

The Age Group Of 20-40

If you are an adult between 20-40, being overweight is a problem but still manageable. In this age group, it is still easy to lose excess weight with the help of regular diets and exercise. But if you have a family history of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, then you need to be careful. If your BMI is 28 or 29, it means you are bordering on obesity, which means with your family medical history, you are in more risk of suffering from these diseases. If your age is between 30-40 with any of these conditions, you need to take steps to start losing weight as soon as possible.

The Age Group Of Above 40

If your age is above 40 and you are bordering on becoming obese, with or without any family medical history, you are definitely at risk of having high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. If you don’t take steps to go back to your normal weight, being overweight can lead to cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea. As we become old, it can become more difficult to lose your excess weight. In such cases, you will need to make sure that you eat healthy foods, do not gain any more weight and keep your obesity-related diseases at bay. In certain cases, obesity treatment can only be the cure.

So, if you lie in the category of overweight, irrespective of your age, try to lose your excess weight to avoid suffering from obesity-related diseases in the future.