How Does A Parent’s Gene Play A Role In Their Child’s Obesity?

Are you obese? A father or going to be a father? This Father’s Day, we will talk about how gene plays a role in your child’s obesity. Obesity can become a condition for an adult or a child for several reasons. But out of all these reasons, over the years, doctors have tried to find out whether genetics has a role to play in a person’s obesity. Apart from a sedentary lifestyle, if a child’s parents are obese, then this can play a role in the child’s obesity. Read on to find out in details.

The increase in the number of obesity treatment in India is making it clearer that people are more and more suffering from obesity. But it is not always possible to blame the lifestyle for the cause of increase in the number of obese people. People who have obesity have multiple genes which make them gain excess weight. One such gene is fat mass and obesity-associated gene which makes it hard for a person to control the intake of calories. This gene can play a major role in the family’s obesity problems. So, if a parent is obese, it is seen that their children are generally obese too.

But, on the other hand, in most cases, a child cannot become obese simply due to genetic factors. There are a lot of psychological factors that come into play. Often it is seen that if the parents are obese and they live a very sedentary lifestyle, this lifestyle is invariably passed on to their children. If a child sees his parents eating unhealthy and junk foods all day, then the child too tends to get into this form of lifestyle. If the parents do not live a disciplined life with regular diet and exercises, then they do see childhood obesity as a threat. This prevents them to incorporate benefits of a healthy lifestyle in their children.

So, blaming only your gene for your obesity is never right. If you are an obese Father, then you need to start practising living a healthy life before you teach it to your kids. Whether you choose the option of obesity treatment or simple routine of diet and exercises, having a normal weight is essential. If obesity does run in your family, you will need to be further more careful. So, this Father’s day, vow to live a healthy life and teach the same to your children as well.