How Obesity Can Lead To Fewer Chances Of Natural Conception

As per obesity surgery doctor, obesity is a medical condition in which an individual gains excessive body weight to an extent that it starts to cause discomfort on a day-to-day basis and brings several other medical conditions. Infertility and challenge towards having a natural conception are often due to obesity as well. Let’s understand how obesity makes you less likely to conceive naturally and how you can address it properly.

It is a myth that obesity affects the fertility abilities of only women. Obesity affects the ability to have natural conception in both men and women.

In women, it affects the hormonal level, ovulation rate (reduces it significantly), ovulation ( ovum do not release oocyte), menstrual irregularity, high risk of miscarriage. It might also lead to other gynecological problems such as PCOS and insulin resistance, which in turn, makes pregnancy even more challenging. In men, obesity produces 2 major challenges, much lesser sperm count, and erectile dysfunction. Both of these causes are quite challenging to overcome naturally.


Apart from medical difficulty, obesity also makes physical movement much challenging and many individuals have a much lesser interest in intimacy altogether. Many a time, having even one obese parent make things difficult. Needless to say, having both bulky or obese parents, keep on pilling the difficulty.

The modern medical marvels such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other Assistant Reproductive techniques (ART) are quite helpful for the people who find natural conception difficult otherwise, but obesity complicates this as well. The chances of having a successful conception event through these such laboratory techniques are lesser for the people who have a BMI higher than 30. In fact, many people who repeatedly suffers miscarriage even with ART are recommend to seek bariatric treatment from a good obesity surgery doctor first.

Despite all these scary facts, there is a silver lining. The good news is, losing weight can reverse most of these conditions successfully. Thereby, many obesity surgery doctors and obstetrician, often recommend losing weight before trying for a successful conception. This significant weight loss can be attained by including more intense physical exercise, eating healthier food. However, obese individuals can also lose weight effectively with obesity surgery, quite easily.

So, loose extra weight now to gain your bundle of joy for your tomorrow.