Indoor Activities You Can Do To Maintain Your Weight At Home

Staying at home and doing nothing can become the biggest nightmare for all of us. If all we do during this lockdown is watch TV, surf phone, eat and sleep, then after coronavirus, you may have to deal with obesity. Obesity prevention and management is necessary during this time and you will need to watch your weight more carefully. Here, we have listed some indoor activities which you can do to maintain your weight.

Walking or Running

This will only work in certain circumstances, but if you can, this is the best form of physical activity to prevent you from gaining or maintaining weight. If you have a treadmill at home, then this would be the best time to bring it out and start using it also, if you live in one of those apartment complex with big terrace or balcony, you can walk there. Walking in a brisk pace works too. Just make sure, you complete your quota of 10000 steps all over the day. Walking from one room to another counts too.


If you don’t like running or walking, the next best thing is to do yoga. It is great for your body and mind. Instead of going out of your mind sitting at home, you will find peace by doing yoga. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can watch online videos and learn to do it. Focus on your breathing and soon you will be able to feel calm and at the same time get to do some physical activity.


Just because you want to get in some physical activities, it doesn’t mean exercise is the only way. If you don’t like any of the serious workouts, try dancing. Create a playlist with all your favourite high tempo songs and start doing any of the three. If you know Zumba or Aerobics, then it is best to do that.


Activities can include anything that will make you sweat. Cleaning is particularly a very hard working activity. You have got a lot of spare time in your hand. So, start cleaning. And don’t just stick to only your room, if you want to clean, then do the whole house. Every day, you can pick one room and start cleaning it. Dust and scrub your house yourself. Doing all these can burn up to 190 calories or more.


Do you have a garden but haven’t got the time to maintain it until now in your busy life? Gardening is another form of working out without you even realising it. There is a lot of squatting while weeding. You can burn 280 calories while mowing. Think of all the muscle exercise you will get while hoeing, carrying water cans and tools, etc.

So, instead of getting bored, try out any of these activities. You will feel more calm and peaceful after working, while maintaining your weight. Doing all these will be a good regimen for obesity prevention.