Know How Weight Reduction Surgery Helps to Transform People

There are several advanced treatments around us, regarding which people are very little aware of. The benefits of obesity surgery is one of them. Many people who are in desperate need of it, either don’t even know about it or don’t consider it for themselves, due to lack of awareness. Today, we are going to list out how weight loss surgery helps people to transform their lives, by taking reference from the testimonials of the patients undergone obesity surgery at ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit.

1. It Helps Resolve Many Obesity-Associated Illnesses

Fat loss surgery has been known to help treat many health conditions that are closely associated with extra body weight. These include high blood pressure, back pain, diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain and many more. For Dr. Tulika Ghosh, who underwent weight-loss surgery, her conditions were improved, along with loosing more than 32 kgs. In fact, many overweight individuals who are not even obese as per BMI range, but still have many of such associated complication, often gets the surgery to treat them all.

2. It Helps People Lose Weight Even After Many Years Of Surgery

There are many people who wrongly assume that weight loss surgery helps one to lose weight only till a few months time period after the procedure. Whereas, in reality, the patient keep of losing weight, ideally for a lifetime, if they stick to the guidelines given by their bariatric surgeon.

Mrs. Santosh Dhanuka had her surgery more than 2.5 years ago. She still enjoys the perks of losing weight and also able to lead a much healthier life now. She feels more energized than ever before. She is also a reformed binge eater who, still eat all she wants to, but in much lesser quantity and is very motivated to keep leading this healthier lifestyle in the future as well.

3. It boosts People Psychologically And Helps Them Feel Confident

Lots of people stay depressed and face embarrassment due to having excess body weight. A patient named Ms. Priyanka Chowdhary who lost more than 12 kgs after a mere 1 month after the weight reduction surgery is highly grateful as it has improvised her psychological health greatly. She is now more confident than ever. She is now energized and also getting compliments and motivation from her friends, family, and relatives as well.

4. It Helps Feeling Motivated To Have A Healthier Lifestyle Ahead

Not only it makes anatomical changes, but also motivate people, both in terms of diet and exercise, to lead a healthier life ahead. Mrs. Debolina Chatterjee, another patient after the weight reduction surgery recently said she lost more than 15 kg weight in this short period of time, along with treated health issues she was facing. But what she admires the most, is the enhanced energy level she has, after the surgery. She has been able to get rid of the anxiety and depression as well, and now she is all set to have a healthy life ahead.

You can get in touch with us to get more information about fat loss surgery. One good decision today can help you have a healthier tomorrow.