Everything You Need To Know About Metabolic Surgery

There are always some confusions regarding the difference between bariatric surgery and metabolic surgery. Bariatric surgery is done only on people who are obese with a BMI above 35. Metabolic surgery is especially for those people who with even lower BMI of 30 and is diabetic. Metabolic syndrome is diagnosed if there are presence of at least two to three of the factors mentioned below: Abdominal obesity or excess fat in the stomach area along with other factors as well is a reason for metabolic syndrome. This excess fat can lead to heart disease. A high triglycerides level is a type of fat found in the blood. A high HDL cholesterol level, also known as good cholesterol, if is low can also raise the risk of heart disease. High blood pressure can lead to plaque build-up and heart disease. Presence of high blood sugar can also be an early sign of type-2 diabetes. If any of these two or three

Case Study – How Dieting Often Does Not Solve Obesity

One in every 5 Indians is either obese or overweight. This startling sentence itself depicts the severity of his global threat in India. The preventive measure of obesity often includes a healthy diet and ample amount of physical activities. Indeed, the first word that strikes mind for effective weight loss is dieting. But most of the patient undergoing bariatric surgery lately speaks against it. Let’s understand it through the help of a case study. Mr. Subham Karnik is a businessman who aspires to achieve success with his wits and dedication. However, extra pounds always slowed him down. He decided to take action and searched for weight loss method. He found a dieting site featuring an agency that claims to help lose up to 40 kgs in merely 12 months. Moreover, since the organization was celebrating its supposedly 5th inauguration anniversary they offered 15 percent discount, as long as Mr. Karnik gets register within the next 2 days. He found this