Obesity Complication

How Obesity Can Complicate Pregnancy And Childbirth

Obesity jeopardizes your health in many aspects, but as per several bariatric surgeons, maternal obesity is particularly risky. Maternal obesity is a condition when you are clinically obese while you are pregnant. It is very common to gain weight during pregnancy, as you nurture the growing baby in your tummy. But maternal obesity is a severe case in which the mother is severely overweight or obese before she becomes pregnant. Obesity can complicate your pregnancy and childbirth in the following ways. Gestational Diabetes Even if you never have high blood sugar previously, obesity can lead to gestational diabetes, which, in turn, can bring several other complications for both you and your baby. Sleep Apnea Obesity adds excess weight around the neck and causes temporary blockage of air reaching the lungs during sleep. Normally it leads to fatigue, but during pregnancy, it can create severe complications. Preeclampsia You can be diagnosed with high blood pressure, which in turn uplifts the risks

Health Complications Associated With a Pear-Shaped Obese Person

We have already discussed the difference between pear and apple shaped obese body. Both these body types are due to obesity and thus, it is an alarming sign to have either of them. However, the majority number of patients with an imminent need for bariatric surgery has been found to have a pear-shaped body. Let’s have a look at the medical complications associated with a pear-shaped body. 1. Metabolic Syndrome It refers to a group of a condition, related to the metabolism of an individual, which, in the case gets out of limit, can lead to several other complications. The metabolic conditions are mostly related to abdominal obesity such as a high profile of fat content, blood sugar, blood pressure and high cholesterol. The conditions it gives rise to, in future are type 2 diabetes, coronary heart diseases, stroke etc. Even though the chances of the above-mentioned disease are prevented among other obese patients as well, their chances are maximum