Weight Loss Surgery Will Ultimately Motivate You Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

In India alone, one in every 5 individual is either overweight or obese. Thankfully, modern medical marvel such as bariatric surgery is extremely helpful to fight obesity. At ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit, we are all dedicated to improvising numerous lives all around the year. Even though many people are becoming more and more aware of this medical condition and obesity treatment options, not everyone understands how it helps people to stay healthy even after the surgery. So, today, some of our leading bariatric surgeons answer the same for you.

Bariatric surgery or more commonly known as weight loss surgery is an invasive technique to make either temporary or permanent changes in the digestive tract of obese individuals. It is a safe and effective technique to overcome obesity. Bariatric surgery works positively, in 2 ways- psychologically and physically.

How It Helps Psychologically?

Obesity surgery is a major operation that gives the individual insights into their life. As per many bariatric surgeons, patients often see this treatment as a journey rather than just a medical procedure. Needless to say, it motivates them intrinsically to make a commitment towards healthier habits.

In fact, there is a minor chance of acquiring a side effect, known as dumping syndrome, after undergoing bariatric surgery. It makes the individual pass out the food (particularly fast food) shortly after having them; it can be as soon as 30-45 minutes. This sounds irritating, but actually, it psychologically helps the people avoid these food items and take fruits and vegetables instead. Thus, over a period of time, they become more accustomed to having a healthier diet.

How It Helps Physically?

Physically, it helps in 2 ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle ahead.

Diet – As already mentioned, the surgery restricts the stomach size. As a result, it helps to limit their food intake. So, practically they cannot consume more food, as they used to do before and psychologically they don’t even want to, anymore.

Physical mobility – Moreover, many overweight or obese people actually try jogging or other exercises to control their weight, but sadly these things aren’t much effective when extra pounds stick around them and restricts the degree of movement. After bariatric surgery, people shed weight and as a result, they regain their flexibility and become capable of working out and stay physically active.

Thus, many people get motivated to stay fit and healthy after undergoing bariatric surgery. In fact, it has been seen that the effects of obesity surgery stay effective for a lifetime if people make some healthier choices in terms of diet and exercise.

At ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit, our experienced bariatric surgeons and their team offer advance weight loss surgery procedures to the people who are struggling with obesity.