What Can Be Done To Address Prevalence Of Obesity In Children and Woman

Dr. Aruna TantiaObesity in children and women is a undesired disease which is the root cause of many health problems that we are seeing day to day. A recent annual conference of Obesity surgeons from across the world discussed this new occurrence amongst our young Indians. This led me to think about the root cause. Let’s talk.

Obesity in children should be prevented. Parents should not be over-feeding their children with high-calorie, easy snacks like chips, cakes, pastries, chocolates. Effort taken to provide them healthy diet and lot of outdoor activity should go a long way towards ensuring healthy life for your kids in future. Mothers should learn to cook healthy meals.

Ensure your child utilize their games period well and don’t let teachers take away that games time to complete their syllabus. Be a responsible parent. Talk to teacher or principal.

Also stick to rules when allowing your child to view TV. Allow limited 30 minutes only if one plays outdoor. This shall inculcate discipline which shall help your child in future.

Many young children develop velvety black skin discoloration at nape of neck. If so please check what he/ she eats. Little exercise and healthy food will reverse it. This is sign of future insulin resistance where body doesn’t digest all the sugary diet eaten. Check your child, look for these telltale signs.


If a girl is obese she can face irregularities of monthly cycles in form of heavy periods or irregular periods. Get her checked by gynaecologist. It may be poly cystic ovary, which is easily treatable with lifestyle modification. Many parents keep on waiting for years together with these complains. Seek early treatment.

If a girl with polycystic ovary is planning to get married and go the family way, she should seek her gynaecologist help who can give medicines to treat her obesity and PCOD. Only if the medicines fail, she requires surgical intervention where by laparoscopy she can have it rectified and be able to become a mother soon.

A super obese woman reported with heavy bleeding few years after her periods stopped. They underwent small surgery to detect the cause and it came out to be cancer. This extra fat in the body is getting converted to hormone which acts upon the lining of her womb and makes it thick. Soon, if left untreated, it gets converted to cancer. So does Obesity help? NO!! It is the root cause of Diabetes, Cardiac disease, Cancer of uterus, Breast and infertility. Please help your country by pledging to make your children more active, eat nutritious and healthy food and not edge India towards Diabetic capital of the world.

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