Youth Obesity – Causes, Prevention & Treatment

The youth are the future of any country but many illnesses loom over the youth these days. Youth obesity is one such health condition that is affecting the future of the youth. You will be surprised to know that at least 2 out of 10 patients seeking weight reduction surgery in India are of the age 18 or younger. If you are a youth struggling with extra pounds or have children who are going through the same, you need to take necessary action on time, to address it. Thus, we present some most common causes of youth obesity along with its prevention and treatment, in brief.

Causes and prevention of youth obesity

The most common causes that contribute to youth obesity are as follow –

  • Too much consumption of fast food and highly processed food items.
  • Lack of adequate physical exercise.
  • Too much engagement in electronic gadgets.
  • Certain medical conditions like thyroid or hormonal replacement therapy.
  • Genetic factors that lead to excess weight gain.
  • Spending several hours sitting for either studying or working.

During your youth, you should be more focused on what you eat and in what quantities. You can prevent obesity by avoiding or limiting the above-mentioned causes for the same, unless you are dealing with a medical condition or if obesity is present in your heredity. Then preventing obesity becomes much challenging. The only feasible option left in that case is relying on the obesity treatment.

Treatment of youth obesity

It is crucial to treat obesity for any morbid individual, but you need to address youth obesity, without any delay. If obesity is left untreated for long, it becomes self pertaining. It implies that it becomes more and more challenging for you to lose weight through mere dieting and exercise. Untreated obesity also acts like a breeding ground for many other associated complications. These includes health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, diabetes, sleep apnea and so on. Moreover, it makes you feel and look unfit and thus, it causes hindrance in your career as well.

Thankfully, obesity treatment in India has improvised a lot in the past several years. Weight reduction surgery is the one of the best obesity treatment for addressing obesity for a long term. Weight reduction surgery not only helps to resolve obesity quite effectively, but it also helps the individuals to adopt a much healthier lifestyle and eating habit. It restricts the amount of food you can consume and thus you tend to eat much lesser. As a result you can lead an healthy life ahead. Also, it improves your physical appearance and stamina and thus, it helps you have confidence like never before.

At ILS Hospitals Bariatric Care Unit we offer weight reduction surgery for every obese teen and adults as well. If you too are dealing with youth obesity get in touch with our expert bariatric surgeons.