Importance of World Obesity Day

Joyce Meyer was absolutely right while stating, “ I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” Indeed, what could be better than having a disease-free body and mind? But sadly, many diseases find their way to our bodies from time to time. Some of them like cold, infection and flu are inevitable but several other like diabetes, sleep apnea, joint pain etc are the complimentary gift that comes with the obesity. Obesity surgery doctors advice to keep the body weight in check, so that obesity does not imprison it.

The count of obesity has more than doubled in the past three decades. At present, more than 2 billion adults come under the category overweight, out of which 620 million are clinically obese. At this current pace, the count will reach to 2.7 billion by the year 2025.


Several obese individuals are unaware of the disease they are exposed to, due to their obesity. To address this state of unawareness, the World Obesity Day is observed on every 11th October every year, since 2015. It has the following objectives-

  1. Early diagnosis of Obesity to improvise the degree of treatment
  2. Awareness of the treatment available to address obesity
  3. Prevention of the need of for treatment
  4. Illness that spread along with obesity
  5. Prevention of childhood obesity

In a nutshell, it was made functional in order to provide support, help, solve and ultimately reverse the global threat of obesity. In fact, the number of preventable death count due to obesity comes only after that of smoking.

The world obesity day has been fabricated carefully by medical research communities from every corner of the world, with wide expertise and experience on obesity, nutrition and obesity treatment.

Role of ILS Bariatric Care

The unit of ILS Bariatric Care is all set to address the threat of obesity. We, at ILS Bariatric Care, offers an extensive surgical solution for obesity. The results extracted due to bariatric surgery are more likely to last a lifetime, by following few simple guidelines from the obesity surgery doctors. We aim to uproot obesity for once and for all, for the benefit of the nation and the individuals as well.

World Obesity Day

On the occasion of world obesity day, we urge every individual to make necessary steps to ensure that they remain in good health. In case, the situation worsens to the limit of obesity, they are encouraged to seek medical help.

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