Is Your Skinny Jeans Encouraging Your Obesity?

The fashion defines us, particularly in this current, fashion-obsessed world. Among the new trendy arrivals of apparel, the skinny jeans seem to have found an everlasting place. To boost the sale, the clothes manufacturers are providing nowadays, skinny pair of jeans for people of every size, including overweight and obese individuals.

These skinny jeans hold the lose, fatty skin and improve the aesthetic of the body. Though it might look like a solution, (at least for a time being) for excess body weight and fat, several obesity surgery doctors recommend against it. Let’s understand the main two reason supporting the same.

The biological effect

Obesity surgery doctor points out that the skin tight jeans hold the muscle of the legs, buttock and abdominal region very tightly. This practice, in a long run, begins to substitute the purpose of muscle. It may sound relaxing, but it posses severe side effects. After a period of time, the muscles begin to loose their grips and do not remain as firm as they were ideally supposed to.

Skinny Jeans - Obesity

Thereby, gradually, the toned muscle becomes loosen up, and the flabby looks result in illustrating being overweight or obese.

The psychological effect

The psychological effect yields even more catastrophic results by causing psychological adverse effect towards weight loss. It is of two subtypes-

‘Out of sight, out of mind’ logic-

As the skinny jeans improvise the counter of the hips, buttocks, and thigh, it creates an illusion of being slimmer than in reality. As long as they are in these skinny jeans, they appear thinner and stays satisfied with their overall appearance.

Several overweight and obese individuals begin to develop a false sense of being in shape an thus discourage exercising or diet control.

Skinny Jeans Encouraging Your Obesity

‘Fashion comes in every size’ logic

Several individuals, especially women are more conscious regarding the latest fashion that hits the market. Until recently, several women had struggle fitting onto their desirable wardrobe. As a result, they tried harder to lose weight in order to fit in it. However, with the arrival of skinny jeans in the plus size made things simpler, but adverse for such individuals. They no longer need to adjust for fashion anymore.

The skinny jeans are the stylish trend that impresses everyone. As a result, the overweight and obese individual, find losing weight, not something highly desirable.

Thus, having skinny jeans is not a remedy for overweight, instead, it makes things even worse.

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