7 New Year Resolution That Never Going to Work Out for Weight Loss

Another year has passed and you are still carrying those extra pounds around your waist from last year right! Many morbidly obese individuals have undergone laparoscopic obesity surgery in order to kick away obesity, while overweight individuals are trying hard to kick away extra fat. Are you looking for a fresh new year resolution for weight loss again? In order to make them work, get rid of the one that is unlikely to be any good and instead try out a better resolution.

Weight Loss Tips

Here we present some of the resolutions you need to throw away and replace them with more effective ones.

Resolution 1

I will definitely lose 25 pounds

Make realistic goals that can be achieved effectively. Having some fascinating, unrealistic expectations. will demotivate you from your overall goal.
Revised resolution – try to lose 1 pound per week/ 10 days.

Resolution 2

I would avoid breakfast in order to cut off calories

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast would do more harm than good. Usually, the hunger pangs experienced in the midday is satiated with more unhealthy substitutes.
Revised resolution – have a protein-rich breakfast every morning.

Resolution 3

I would avoid eating at restaurants

Be reasonable! You cannot rule out restaurant food entirely. At least not without hampering social and personal relationship with people.
Revised resolution – make a healthier choice at restaurants.

Resolution 4

I am going a veg diet

Disbalance in calorie intake and calorie burned makes you fat. Eating non-veg adds more calorie but proper burning out will not cause accumulation of fat.
Revised resolution – reduce the intake of non-veg.

Resolution 5

I am going to work out very hard 4 days a week

If you can be consistent, it is a good thing. But from no exercise to working har every other day is not easy. You are more likely to quit this sententious activity after a couple of weeks.
Revised resolution – start with mini sessions of work out every day.

Resolution 6

I am going to the juice/liquid cleanse

Going for a liquid diet will cut calories for sure but simultaneous but along with it, it will starve your body of crucial nutrients.
Revised resolution – try out mini cleanse along with healthy food supplements.

Resolution 7

I am going to quit fast food altogether

After trying this formula for a little while, you will most certainly begin to binge eat junk food again.
Revised resolution – Try out 80/20 rule. When you eat 80 percent healthy food and 20 percent whatever you want.

Though there is no fail-safe method to ensure you lose weight. However, effective weight loss resolutions can make the objective somewhat achievable. And the good news is, even if, nothing else works out laparoscopic obesity surgery can be availed to treat obesity and its adverse effects.

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